Our internal ACAdemy

The development and growth of every ACA employee is really important to us.

One way to support and strengthen personal development is our internal 'ACAdemy'. The internal ACAdemy is a catalog of various courses, workshops, training courses and e-learnings that contribute to the development and strengthening of specific competencies. This catalog is divided into 3 categories:

  • Technical courses
  • Support Organization courses
  • Human skills courses
  • Technical courses

    These are given by our own experienced people who are happy to share their accumulated expertise with their colleagues. Some examples:

    • EazyBI: Easy Business Intelligence for project teams
    • Fundamentals of Domain-Driven Design
    • The Power of Kubernetes
    • Collaborate even better thanks to story mapping
  • Training by the Support Organization

    The Support Organization also offers training courses that can be of added value for employees and managers. Some examples:

    • Create stunning presentations in Google Slides
    • Canva: learn to design as a pro
    • Towards a successful customer interview
    • How to do a technical interview with a candidate
  • Human skills

    We rely on the expertise of our external partner Kenaz to provide these training courses. Some examples:

    • Essential communication skills
    • Increase your impact
    • How to deal with complexity
    • Leadership skills
  • Digital learning platforms

    In addition to all these training courses, we also offer our employees digital learning platforms. For example, our employees have access to an extensive range of high-quality sessions through our licenses on, for example, Udemy for Business and A cloud guru.

  • Bootcamps

    In addition, we also help our employees when they want to retrain by organizing a 'boot camp'. During such a boot camp, they can intensively learn the required key skills in a short period of time and acquire a number of basic skills very quickly, something that would otherwise take significantly longer. For example, we have the Python Bootcamp which lays a strong foundation for Python development in just 3 days.