Stay relevant in an ever faster changing world

Innovation overview

Given the perfect storm; future relevance will depend on the rate an organization can adapt to change or be a driver of change. We want to turn unique challenges and innovative ideas into solutions with a tangible business outcome to build and train this organizational muscle.

Our innovation lab focuses on:

  • being a catalyst for change
  • making sense of it all and translating into tangible outcomes
  • discovering opportunities & collaborating on new ideas
  • exciting and enabling people to explore new grounds
  • embedding culture and strategy for change and innovation

ACA Ship-IT days: from idea to innovation in one day

During this day, our team members & customers work together to test out their innovative ideas from scratch and build up knowledge. Find out all the projects our teams worked on and the winning project of our ACA Ship-IT Day 2022 in this blog post!

Employ new techniques to quickly create proof-of-concepts

POCs help to learn what works and what doesn't. In this blog post, we tell you how to create superfast POCs with Event Storming to get that quick feedback!