Discover our talk "Platform building for Data Mesh" at Voxxed Days 2023 by Tom De Wolf!


Data Mesh is a trending topic that will impact data platform architectures and also the broader enterprise architectures in which the divide between the analytical data space and operational application space will dissolve gradually. Being concerned with making data easily reusable for many data use cases will be a responsibility of every team in a data-driven enterprise.

A lot of content is being written in blogs or given at conferences on data mesh and its principles, but often it is perceived as theoretical and too abstract to really understand what it means. A recurring remark is 'yes, interesting, but show me how it is done?' or 'how will this look like?'. Although data mesh is certainly not only about technology, we have experienced that it only becomes tangible and concrete when the self-serve data platform is being realised and shown. In this talk we want to demystify 'data mesh' as a concept and theory by showing how to build a concrete platform for developing and reusing data products. We dive into the platform building aspect of data mesh and the actual components that make up such a platform, the patterns that can be applied to design it, and how existing (cloud-native) technologies can be used.

After the talk, you should have a more tangible grasp on how 'data mesh' can be realised from a technical and architectural perspective. Target audience is not only data engineers or data architects, but also software and cloud engineers interested in platform building.