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Компанія ACA Group не тільки дбає про ваше програмне рішення, але й підтримує його чітким дизайном, копірайтингом та маркетингом, які залишать вас приємно здивованими. Разом ми виведемо ваш IT-проект на новий рівень!

Чому варто будувати кар’єру в ACA?

Хороше питання! Ми не лише визнані сертифікатом Great Place To Work®, наші співробітники також користуються безліччю додаткових переваг, серед яких добре обладнаний (електричний) службовий автомобіль, широкі можливості для навчання і зростання, а також гарантована участь в наших легендарних вихідних ACA.

Our open positions

    What's working at ACA like?

      Innovative work environment
      You will work with the newest tech & tools, in an innovative environment with flexible hours and working-from-home arrangement.
      Customized salary package
      An attractive salary, a company car*, meal vouchers, expense allowance, MacBook Pro and more.
      * ACA wants to contribute as much as possible to a sustainable environment. The expansion of an exclusively electric vehicle fleet is an important factor. We want 98% of our vehicle fleet to be electric by 2025! ⚡
      Learn & grow
      At ACA, everyone has an evolution coach and an on-the-job coach. You’ll have a personal evolution plan with technical & professional training budget and plenty of career & learning opportunities.
    • We’ve got your back
      We provide an elaborated health and insurance plan to cover your needs. It’s our priority to keep our employees as happy as possible. We do this by providing a good work-life balance, providing the right tools, and so on.
    • Our unique company culture
      You’ll be part of a passionate and hardworking team that is proud of their realizations. ACA is a place with teamwork, openness, knowledge sharing and peer recognition as key values.
    • Employee centricity
      We are a team-driven company that knows how to contribute and make fun in a professional environment. Because a great and motivated team is only possible if you can also relax together. That’s why we provide plenty of opportunities both inside and outside the office and organize an awesome ACA-weekend every year!

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    We want to help Ukrainians with the possibility to work in their own capabilities and the ability to learn more. That way, we hope they feel the most comfortable.

    Ronny Ruyters, CEO bij ACA Group
    Ronny Ruyters - CEO