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25/07/2017 • Dorien Jorissen

Digital Transformation: Buzz or Hot?

A couple of months ago Dorien from Marketing asked me to write a blogpost about my first experiences at ACA Group. Now the roles are reversed: “Dorien, may I share my experiences?”

I could write many pages on my experiences from the past 6 months, but I’m not going to do that. I would rather talk about the topic “Digital Transformation: Buzz or Hot?”

Digital transformation

During the last few months, I have participated to many events, talked to experts and clients, … Digital transformation is possibly the most discussed term of the moment (besides GDPR of course). One way or another, every organization and every employee is “confronted” with it. Digital transformation (DT): “what does it mean for my organization, when do I have to start it, what does it mean for my job and what will it cost?”

It’s very clear to me that there are two kinds of people (putting it very black-and-white for a moment). One group considers digital transformation as a buzzword. Let’s call them buzzers. Another group has a somewhat anxious view on digital transformation. Let’s call them hotters. 😉

The next technological wave

I believe that we – as a community – should indeed evolve to a higher level. Call it the next technological wave. But of course, it’s difficult, almost impossible, to predict what this will mean for the future of an organization.

On WebTomorrow, one of the speakers put it into words very nicely.

"The technological revolution increases at a faster and faster pace. For people / employees, it means that acquiring new skills becomes necessary.”

Self-education is and remains of the utmost importance.

There are truly some incredible, innovative technologies: Chatbots, AR, VR, AI, IoT, … Not thinking about where to start would be simply irresponsible. But as with any evolution, it’s even more important to start at the beginning.

The (digital) future

the digital future

In my opinion, companies should start thinking about how new technologies can truly add value to their organization and employees as soon as possible.

But how do you stay up-to-date on all new trends, possibilities, … and what would it mean to your organization? A partner is indispensable for this. Look for a partner that deals with the digital transformation of business processes on a daily basis. Consider them as an extension of your IT department. And of course, involve your own employees as much as possible.

Reassure the hotters. Digital transformation doesn’t imply immediate job loss. It means eliminating paper and letting employees focus on what they love to do and what they’re good at. The term digital transformation is possibly a bit buzz, but also emphasize to the buzzers that the next technological wave is a crucial factor that may not be underestimated.

Some companies have already done a lot, but that doesn’t mean that they are finished with their digital transformation. It’s an ongoing process. And of course, other companies haven’t done anything yet. That doesn’t mean that it’s already too late: embrace it, study it and do something with it.

Digital transformation costs money, but it’s not a real cost. It’s an investment and, as with any other investment, a positive ROI is intended. So, start as soon as possible. Look for a partner and discuss the possibilities. Focus on the low-hanging fruits and gradually grow to a higher level.

Just another opinion

This blog is no science, but it’s how I look at digital transformation. An opinion like many others and of course opinions should be shared. I’m very curious about what your view on digital transformation is. Are you part of the Buzzers or Hotters?

Do you want to discover what your company needs for digital transformation? Contact us through the ACA website and we will certainly help you along!

Dorien Jorissen