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05/06/2024 • ACA Group Team

Ship-IT Day 2024: Discover the 8 innovative projects

On Friday 7 June, ACA Group will once again organize the annual Ship-IT Day, a hackathon where various ACA teams work on innovative ideas for and with the customer. This seventh edition promises to be another day full of creativity and collaboration. This year, seven project teams are competing for the coveted title of winner of Ship-IT Day 2024. Not surprisingly, AI and LLMs are the common thread running through most projects this year. You will discover them all in this blog.

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What is Ship-IT Day?

Ship-IT Day is all about collaboration and innovation. On this day, multidisciplinary ACA teams use their knowledge and expertise to come up with innovative solutions for internal or external challenges. The goal is to present a first proof of concept (POC) by the end of the day, after which a winner is chosen.

Why Ship-IT Day?

Ship-IT Day gives ACA team members the chance to work on innovative ideas that could potentially grow into concrete solutions. It is a unique opportunity to build knowledge and explore new possibilities, away from daily projects. This stimulates innovation within the company and gives creative ideas the space to flourish.

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The 8 projects of Ship-IT Day 2024 🚀

1. - Support the Customer Support


The customer support team at receives tickets through Freshdesk, but they don’t have direct access to important customer information like previous support tickets or recent bills. This project aims to solve that problem by building an application that gathers customer information from various data sources.

The project team plans to develop an app that integrates with Freshdesk and provides a comprehensive overview of all relevant customer information. In the future, a Large Language Model (LLM) could be used to summarize this information and offer more specific insights based on the nature of the query.

💼 Customer:

2. DEMAZE - Your Legacy Oracle

Navigating an existing codebase can be challenging due to outdated or missing documentation. This project aims to create a code assistant that provides targeted guidance on architecture and starting points using the latest generations of Large Language Models (LLMs). This will make it easier to find your way through legacy codebases.

💼 Customer: Confidential

3. Flow in "De Stroomlijn"

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Fluvius' customer contact center, De Stroomlijn (The Streamline), often finds that customers have to repeatedly explain their problems when being transferred between different representatives. Although the CRM system documents all interactions, it is often disorganized, and helpdesk staff does not have the time to review all cases for each customer. This is frustrating for both customers and employees.

This project aims to solve this issue for Fluvius by generating summaries of previous interactions, including an indication of customer satisfaction. This way, helpdesk staff can quickly understand the context and any sensitivities, allowing them to assist more efficiently and effectively. The ultimate goal is to reduce call duration and increase customer satisfaction.

💼 Customer: Fluvius

4. Stroomlijn Insights: FAQ Optimizer

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Fluvius lacks a clear view of the top 10 current customer questions they receive. Identifying the most important questions is often based on intuition or time-consuming manual work. This project aims to automatically analyze incoming questions and interactions to more accurately and quickly detect what customers are asking.

By using AI, Fluvius can gain quicker insights into current issues and the impact of recent events. The ultimate goal is to automatically detect the most pressing customer questions and generate corresponding FAQ articles to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency.

💼 Customer: Fluvius

5. Umani CV Matching

Umani Group, an HR consultancy firm, spends a lot of time manually matching CVs with job postings. This project aims to automate this process using LLMs (Large Language Models). A demo environment has already been built based on OpenAI, and the goal is to enhance and expand it. Additionally, the project team will explore whether OCR technology can assist in reading and interpreting handwritten CVs accurately.

Introducing a chatbot for candidates could simplify the process and make it more customer-centric. Furthermore, the project will focus on various UX aspects, such as improving the flow, visuals, and information presentation.

💼 Customer: Umani Group & Flexer

6. AI-powered visual notifications for local government

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S-Lim brings together the municipalities of Limburg to collaborate and transform the region into a smart region.

Citizens can report issues such as road damage, waste, or other concerns through the websites of cities and municipalities. However, filling out these reports requires many steps and lots of information, which can be discouraging. This project aims to streamline this process by simplifying and making the reporting system more user-friendly.

Specifically, the project team aims to develop a feature allowing citizens to easily upload photos of issues. These photos will be analyzed by AI to simplify the reporting forms and swiftly address the problems. The technical focus will be on image recognition, AI, and integrating with back-office systems like GreenValley, TopDesk, and 3P.

💼 Customer: s-Lim

7. Digitization of task cards and E2E cleaning service journey in a B2B context

In a secure industrial environment, over 300 buildings need to be cleaned by approximately 75 employees, each with specific cleaning requirements and restrictions. The current process is error-prone and cumbersome, involving manual updates and communication via email, as well as physical prints of floor plans with a lot of information manually added.

The client aims to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize paper usage. This project team wants to work on a first concept that digitizes and simplifies the current process.

💼 Customer: Confidential

8. YouGO Soccer App - AI Gamification

You Go Soccer has a Flutter application for soccer training and wants to expand it with additional features such as real-time video analysis and gamification to make the app more appealing to users.

Specifically, this project team aims to implement Google MLkit for position detection and an AI vision model like YoloV8 for real-time ball tracking. Additionally, they intend to develop an algorithm to detect soccer-related actions and gamify the exercises. Also included in the scope of this project are the addition of a point system, tracking reaction times, and selecting different training sessions.

💼 Customer: You GO Soccer App by Thomas Buffel

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