14/03/2024 • Hanne Palmans

Welcome to the ACA Group, one of Belgium's top 10 Best Workplaces!

Wooho, ACA Group proudly clinches a spot in Belgium's Top 10 Best Workplaces™! Despite our certification in 2021 with an outstanding 87% employee satisfaction rating, we never stop striving for perfection. That’s why we took the opportunity and consulted our awesome team again last fall.

Once again, we asked for their insightful feedback to elevate the ACA experience even further. Most importantly, it was their voices that evaluated our culture through the in-depth survey. Besides questioning how they experience our values such as respect, fairness, credibility, pride, and camaraderie,... they also had the opportunity to anonymously submit comments on how we could enhance ourselves as a workplace. We take this feedback seriously, turning it into concrete actions and reflecting on ways to improve the overall experience of our employees.

But what exactly makes ACA Group one of the Best Workplaces in Belgium?

We conducted an extensive Culture Audit to examine the culture within our organization, our core values and our business strategy. These were our findings.

Employee voice matters:

At ACA, we highly value the insights of our ACA family. Through comprehensive surveys and anonymous feedback, we continuously refine our workplace culture to ensure an enriching experience for all. We actively seek input on all well-being initiatives, adapting policies to evolving needs and trends. We encourage active employee participation in decision-making processes.

Wellbeing at the core:

For us, professional excellence goes hand in hand with personal health. Our structured well-being policy integrates mental health programs, fitness activities and initiatives promoting holistic well-being. Furthermore, our policies encourage work-life balance, flexible working hours and the use of recreational spaces in offices.

This is one of the best companies I have worked for. -Anonymous quote from our survey

Dynamic engagement:

We foster open communication and dynamic engagement through regular workshops, training sessions and our internal gamification platform (or how we call it: “our Ambassador Community”): Sociabble. We're profiling ourselves as people-centric, and emphasize the importance of both physical and mental well-being. This approach is reinforced through team events, team-building activities and celebrations of team successes.

Culture feedback:

Transparency and open feedback are fundamental to our company culture. Pulse surveys and a sounding board group provide regular avenues for employee input, facilitating continuous improvement.

Recognition and appreciation:

We believe in celebrating achievements. Platforms like Bonusly allow us to give a digital "pat on the back", and acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of our hardworking team members.

ACA takes good care of its people. -Anonymous quote from our survey

Inclusivity and personal development:

Our commitment to inclusivity and personal development is unwavering. From day one, our onboarding journey provides a warm welcome and thorough preparation for new team members. Regular check-ins and an introductory meeting with our CEO contribute to a supportive and open culture. Besides that, we have a robust role and competence framework in place, in which we encourage a coaching mindset and prioritize the growth and development of every ACA member. A mentorship program and our internal ACAdemy further support learning and knowledge-sharing initiatives.

Sustainability and accountability:

Our commitment to being a “Great Place To Work” is an ethical responsibility contributing to long-term success and sustainability. Our Sustainability Charter reflects our dedication to environmental responsibility, diversity and sustainable business practices.

Global standards of excellence:

We actively engage in sustainability efforts, aligning with global standards such as the VCDO Charter and the EcoVadis framework. This reaffirms our commitment to sustainable excellence and ethical responsibility.

Join the ACA Family!

As we celebrate our achievement as one of Belgium's Top 10 Best Workplaces™, we invite you to join our journey towards excellence! Whether you're seeking a rewarding career opportunity or exploring partnerships with a company committed to sustainability and employee well-being. Contact us today to learn more about how you can be part of our thriving community and experience the ACA difference firsthand. 🥳

“One of the core qualities of ACA Group is their ability to – always - put people first.

They prove to be a true ‘people-centric’ company, as they show a great focus on Employee Wellbeing and Sustainable Governance.

The involvement of employees is being encouraged at different levels of their business and they truly believe that their workforce elevates the company to greater heights.”

Silke Meulemans, Customer Success manager at GPtW @ Vlerick Business School
Silke Meulemans - Customer Success manager