Kubernetes Online Workshop (SAI)

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Kubernetes Workshop (SAI)

About the event

If you are an application developer, we’re quite sure you know Kubernetes. The platform is gaining popularity, and that is why the Study center for Automatic Information processing (SAI) is organizing a Kubernetes workshop on 21/4/2021, together with our experts Peter Jans and Stijn Van den Enden. 


Kubernetes, or k8s, is a technique for organizing containers: Container-Orchestration. A container is a data structure that implements a conceptual bin or container and contains one or more other objects. A container either contains mainly objects (so that it becomes a collection), but can also be intended to add functionalities to the objects that the container contains.

Kubernetes is an opensource-software for deploying and managing such containers at scale. Developers and DevOps engineers can develop much faster because tasks are automated and a lot of configuration work is taken off your hands. 

During this workshop you will get an introduction to Kubernetes and gain the necessary insights in how to use its capabilities and avoid the pitfalls.


  1. The Foundations of Cloud Native Cumputing & Ecosystem
  2.  Overview of Kubernetes & Containers
  3. Kubernetes as an enabler for a robust, scalable and manageable infrastructure
  4. Private Public and Hybrid Deployment & Management
  5. DevOps & Kubernetes, monitoring, governance, security and continuous delivery
  6. Service meshes as a platform for Microservices
  7. AI, Serverless workloads on Kubernetes


Peter Jans

peter jans

Peter is a passionate Architect with a passion for lean practices, DevOps and the cloud. He has spent the last 20 years working as a software and infrastructure engineer, agile proxy, team coach and architect in the IT, healthcare and banking sectors. His passion for Kubernetes has grown strongly in recent years from his DevOps and strategic impact for companies.

He is currently actively involved in several projects where Kubernetes is already strongly used, and other projects where the migration is currently happening. Besides that, he is also helping companies with innovation. He likes to talk about the challenges in the economic entrepreneurial landscape.

Stijn Van den Enden 

Stijn Van den Enden

Stijn Van den Enden (ACA Group) is an experienced CIO and CTO working in the information technology and services sector. He obtained a Master's degree in Engineering focused on Computer Science from the Catholic University of Leuven.

His background skills include innovation systems, software architecture, designing and implementing enterprise-class systems. He has a strong background in Agile methods and enjoys taking a team to the next level based on his hands-on experience.