Switch to Python: 3-day Bootcamp 2022

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Date:24/03/2022 - 01/04/2022

OffiCenter Vilvoorde

Luchthavenlaan 27

1800 Vilvoorde

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Switch to Python 3-day bootcamp 2022

About the event

Specialize in the popular programming language Python during our Switch to Python Bootcamp 2022 and build a web application in 3 days time!

  • Learn from a true Python expert
  • Varied training with theory and practice
  • Hands-on sessions in OffiCenter Vilvoorde

Why Python?

Python has become one of the most popular and user-friendly programming languages in the world. It is a fast, powerful open-source language that is mainly used for business systems, webshops and web applications.

Knowledge of Python is therefore highly sought after on the jobmarket and is a valuable addition to your CV!

Python Bootcamp

During our training, you'll immerse yourself in the popular Python programming language and build a complete web application in just 3 days! The training is very varied and contains both theoretical and practical components.

🐍 Python challenge: crack the code & win a free ticket! 🐍

Do you want to win a free ticket for our Bootcamp? Then participate in our challenge:

The text below is encrypted using the algorithm used by Julius Caesar. The key you need to decipher is A -> F.

Write a Python script as short as possible (without using Python encryption modules) to retrieve the text below. The text also covers which steps you must follow afterwards:

Fqqjs Yzwnsl, f Gwnynxm rfymjrfynhnfs, hfs gj htsxnijwji fx tsj tk ymj kfymjwx tk rtijws htruzynsl. Ny nx jxynrfyji ymfy mj xmtwyjsji BBNN bnym fgtzy 2 djfwx bnym mnx Yzwnsl rfhmnsj. Ymnx rfhmnsj htzqi ijhwduy Sfen rjxxfljx jshwduyji bnym ymjnw jsnlrf rfhmnsjx. Xjsi dtzw fsxbjw fsi htij yt inwp.mjrjqnslx@fhf-ny.gj

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What can you expect from our Python Bootcamp?

  • Overview of Python syntax, statements and expressions, decisions, loops and functions.
  • How to use Python generators, tasks and coroutines.
  • We will be building a Python desktop application with web technologies (like Electron) to batch process PDF files.
  • Optionally, and if time allows, we will also build a local search engine on the same PDF files.
  • Package the application for distribution.

For who?

Target audience:
Medior / Senior developers who would like to delve into Python programming

Expected basic knowledge:
You have at least 3 years of experience with programming in another language than Python

Practical Information


All internal communication and practical exercises will be in Dutch.


  • Thursday 24/03/22
  • Friday 25/03/22
  • Friday 01/04/22


Registration fee: 295€
Click here to register throug Eventbrite or use the button below.


  • You preferably have your own Mac or Linux Laptop, but Windows is possible as well.
  • Make sure you have Python version >=3.9 installed.
  • For the search engine it is useful if you have already installed the Python textract library, because there are many system dependencies. On Windows installation is a challenge. Op Windows is de installatie een uitdaging. Installation instructions can be found here.


OffiCenter Vilvoorde
Luchthavenlaan 27
1800 Vilvoorde

Questions or need more information?

We are happy to help you!
Contact us at: communication@aca-it.be 

Are you unable to participate and do you want to participate in a future custom Python Bootcamp? Register via the button below and we will keep you informed!