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Product Management Proces

About the event

Have you ever wondered…

  • whether you’re building the right thing?

  • how and when you should use the plethora of different Product Management techniques out there?
  • if the items in your team backlog solve users’ problems?

Our workshop offers a structure, a foundation and a mindset that you can use in any Product Management situation.

We show you how to structure your daily tasks and learn when to use which techniques.

What will you learn?

  • What the role of a Product Manager and Product Owner entails,
  • the importance of product discovery and its process,
  • valuable connection between product discovery and development,
  • collaboration between Product Management, UX and Development,
  • your current product phase and what your next steps are.

Why choose our training?

We understand that Product Management involves a comprehensive set of skills

Product Management isn’t easy and it involves a very comprehensive set of skills and tasks. We focus on delivering a valuable structure and necessary foundation to better understand and plan your workload. Our structure helps you to use all Product Discovery techniques such as Design Thinking, Product Roadmapping, UX interviews and tests, Scrum, Kanban, …

We are veterans in Product Development

The connection with development is crucial. After all, you’ll actually want a product to be delivered in the end. Through our experience we know how to build this connection, the right way, right away. We teach you how to structure and combine product discovery and delivery techniques and how to progress from product discovery results to actual development through tons of hands-on exercises.

You are a…

  • Product Owner
  • (Software) Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Architect
  • Lead Developer
  • UX Designer / Specialist
  • CxO