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The waste management industry faces ever stricter regulations and carries a large responsibility concerning the move towards integrated sustainable waste management. On top of that, the industry needs to balance its objectives between promoting recycling and protecting consumers against harmful chemical substances in recycled materials; insufficient data collection; quality aspects related to recycling; energy recovery of waste; and waste prevention.

The opportunities in the waste management relate mainly to a shift towards a more circular economy, with benefits for the environment and human health, as well as the economy. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, object recognition, machine learning, and real-time applications could prove vital to tackle the challenges and grab the opportunities ahead.

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In this rapidly changing market, the waste management industry needs to be able to count on resilient and innovative businesses. The search for the right solutions to the challenges above requires a partner that thinks along with you. A partner with the necessary experience and expertise in the waste management industry, who highly values excellent quality en user experience.

We're proud that we've been able to realize innovative projects in the waste management industry. Because of this, we firmly believe we can be the right IT partner for you.

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