50 EV's

50 fully-electric cars for the ACA Group

Last Friday, the ACA Group took its next step towards an emission-free fleet. 17 new BMW iX3s were delivered, bringing the total number of EVs within the company to 50.

A new milestone for our team that has been transitioning to a fully electric fleet for some time. Sustainable mobility is a long-term task, on which we have been putting our stamp on for some time. Electric driving is for example certainly not a novelty for our team.

Electric fleet in 2025

This strategy now appears to be paying off. An elaborate charging infrastructure and a fleet consisting of 50 different EVs (Tesla, KIA, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, VW, Ford). The last delivery was the icing on the cake and the result of a strong collaboration with Groep van Osch & Arval. 

“We want to become a frontrunner in sustainable mobility. ACA has a target of zero-emissions 98% of its fleet by 2025 and we are committed to achieving this goal. ” says CEO Ronny Ruyters. “Today, more than 33% of our fleet is already 100% electric. As a result, we are already reducing a lot of CO2 emissions.”

Sustainability pioneer

Electric driving is both a strategic and sustainable choice.

This year we joined VOKA's Sustainable Development Goals Charter. A process in which companies must obtain the VCDO certificate three years in a row through actions related to the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations. After a positive evaluation has been received the SDG Pioneer certificate.

“Sustainability has been in our blood for some time,” says CDO & Sustainability Lead Dorien Jorissen. “Not only green mobility has been a part of our company for years, but also sustainable construction, diversity and initiatives such as the warmest ACA weekend, during which the team collects €50 000 for 3 days long in various ways for charities that are close to the team's heart” , says Dorien Jorissen. “The transition to a sustainable organization feels natural to us. Our team members themselves are very committed to this theme and recognize the importance of change for themselves and for the organization. Something that you as a company can only be extremely proud of.”