ACA Group at the VOKA network evening: tech as the ultimate Jekyll & Hyde in sustainability

24 October 2023 - In a dynamic and insightful VOKA Network Duurzaam Ondernemen, we delved into the strategic intersection of IT, digitalisation, and sustainability – a critical convergence known as the 'Twin Transition.' During this interview, Dorien Jorissen, CDO & Sustainability Manager at ACA, tells more about the role of tech as the Jekyll & Hyde of sustainability.

IT as a catalyst for sustainability 🌎

IT functions as a potential enabler of sustainability, with technology providing data-driven insights, fostering sustainable innovations, optimising energy usage, and promoting resource efficiency – all contributing to reducing our ecological footprint. However, it's essential to acknowledge the potential pitfalls, such as substantial energy consumption, the demand for precious resources, the rise in e-waste, and cybersecurity challenges.

Guided by industry experts Dorien Jorissen from ACA Group and Patrick Durant from Jidoka, the group explored actionable insights for businesses. The members were encouraged to view technology as a strategic asset for sustainability and resilience, while proactively addressing potential negative impacts.

Tech as the ultimate Jekyll & Hyde in sustainability

Dorien Jorissen (Chief Digital Officer and Sustainability Lead at ACA Group) delivered a talk on the intricate relationship between technology and sustainability, portraying it as the "Jekyll & Hyde" of modern business practices.

During her talk, she highlighted the fact that CSRD will not be exclusive to large organisations. Instead, it means short-term changes for businesses of all sizes, influencing everything from strategic decision-making to HR policies and from infrastructure development to production processes. The VOKA members learned what influences CSRD will have on companies, how you can best prepare for this and why tech plays the ultimate "Jekyll & Hyde" role.

Knowledge sharing during our Sustainability Think Tank

Living Tomorrow innovation center

In a continuation of these discussions, we are proud to announce our Sustainability Think Tank which will happen this afternoon taking place at the innovation center Living Tomorrow. This exclusive event brings together a select group to delve deeper into critical sustainability topics. Participants will embark on a guided tour of Living Tomorrow's digital experience center, where companies can immerse themselves in the technology of the future.

But that's not all — our event is designed to offer a rich variety of perspectives. Following the immersive tour, industry experts will share their knowledge during some lightning talks. These talks promise to be a source of inspiration, covering “hot” topics such as crafting sustainable digital strategies, the symbiosis of inclusivity and IT, the exploration of Green Tech/Software concepts, and the intricate path from sustainability to addressing data-driven challenges within the realm of AI.