ACA Group brings hybrid working and well-being together in a new office in the heart of Antwerp

ANTWERP, February 12th, 2024 – The ACA Group has opened a new office at Rooseveltplaats in Antwerp. It replaces the former Flow Pilots office, which is located across the square. The new office has been designed with the well-being of employees in mind, with special attention to ergonomics, relaxation, and an inspiring work environment.

In January, the employees of IT company ACA Group moved into the new office on Antwerp's Anneessensstraat, just a short walk away from the previous location at Flow Pilots - the company that was acquired by ACA Group in 2022.

The acquisition of Flow Pilots and the recent opening of the new office reflects the strategic focus of ACA Group. These steps not only increase the workforce but also contribute to strengthening ACA Group's expertise in delivering advanced and sustainable IT & Innovation solutions. The company embraces a holistic approach, supporting customers throughout their entire digital transformation, from the initial digital strategy to the implementation of innovative digital solutions (AI, cloud, data, custom software, etc.). Excellent customer service is at the center, and this approach is anchored in the core values ​​of innovation, quality, and sustainability.

A healthy work environment

When renovating their new office, the IT company focused on developing a work environment that not only promotes productivity but also supports employee well-being and consciously takes into account the challenges and risks of desk work.

"At ACA Group, we especially want our employees to enjoy coming to work and working in a healthy environment," emphasizes Ronny Ruyters, CEO of ACA Group. "In our new office design, we have paid special attention to both ergonomics and natural light. In addition to height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs, we have also invested in adjustable screens, which ensure an optimal working position. The spacious windows not only let in a lot of natural light indoors, which is essential for well-being and concentration but also offer views of the surroundings. In addition, we have invested in air conditioning to improve air quality and we have added facilities such as showers and an accessible toilet, facilities that weren't previously available. These expansions help create a work environment that promotes both health and productivity.”

Because the office is located at one of the busiest traffic intersections in Antwerp, extra effort has been made to limit environmental noise. Noise pollution distracts attention and increases the risk of mental and physical health problems. ACA Group therefore also invested in sound insulation of the office and PODs to shield remote meetings. Tiles made from recycled materials were also used for part of the floor covering. The ACA Group consciously chose sustainable and partly recycled wood for the material of the cabinets.

Hybrid work environment: Seamless integration of home and office work at ACA Group

ACA Group's new office is more than just a physical space; it is designed as a hybrid work environment where working at home and office work, flow smoothly into each other.

“In our new office we have placed special emphasis on the seamless integration of home and office work,” explains Kris Broekx, Facility Manager at ACA Group. “This is reflected in the way we have optimized our meeting rooms. They are designed to support both physical and online collaboration effortlessly, allowing hybrid working models to function smoothly. Furthermore, our acoustic pods are a key factor in this concept. “They offer a quiet, enclosed space that is essential in an open-plan office environment, perfect for focused work or for making undisturbed telephone calls, bridging the gap between the office and the flexibility of working from home.”

The office in Antwerp is 500 m² in size and currently offers space for 36 spacious workplaces, but can be scaled up to 48 places. The current feeling of space is retained.

ACA Group (formerly ACA IT-Solutions) is a supplier of information technology and services, specializing in sustainable digital transformation. The company achieved a turnover of approximately 36 million euros in 2023, today has 265 employees, has offices in Hasselt, Ghent, Leuven, and Antwerp, and counts, among others, IDEWE, PWC, OVAM, amfori, Cepa, Belfius, Lineas, Jessa ZH, Valipac, Johnson&Johnson and the Flemish government,... to its customers. The ACA Group aims to inspire and accelerate global sustainable growth by empowering people to do more through innovation, technology, and knowledge. ACA Group believes that sustainability and progress can go hand in hand, and is committed to driving positive change. By providing groundbreaking solutions and harnessing the power of technology, the company aims to have a positive impact on the world and enable a sustainable future.

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