ACA Group expands fleet with 11 Polestar 2 electric vehicles

ACA Group takes another step towards an environmentally responsible fleet with the purchase of 11 new electric vehicles. The company's fleet management took delivery of the new cars on Tuesday, March 15th.

ACA Group is extremely committed to sustainable business. We want to integrate the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN as much as possible throughout our entire organization. These form the most important sustainability framework worldwide for the next 9 years. In short: we try to take care of our society, our people and our environment as much as possible.

Regarding that last theme, we were able to achieve another milestone. On Tuesday March 15th, 11 Polestar 2 electric vehicles were delivered to our Hasselt office. These cars will replace the current internal combustion engine (ICE) run-in cars. Our goal is to let our employees get acquainted with driving electric vehicles and further reduce the emissions of our fleet. Moreover, it's a milestone in helping the ACA Group in its goal to have a 98% electrically powered fleet by 2025.

Every step in reducing our ecological footprint is valuable to us, so we're thrilled that as of today, almost half of our fleet consists of electric vehicles. If our orders are fulfilled according to schedule, that will rise to 2/3rds of our entire fleet later this year.

Kris Broekx, Fleet Manager at ACA Group
Kris Broekx - Fleet Manager
Polestar 2 electric vehicle with ACA Group branding