ACA Group and IDEWE start a pilot project: digital canary in the workplace

Together with its customer IDEWE - an external service for prevention and protection at work - ACA Group developed a device that measures CO2 values, temperature, toxic substances and humidity in buildings and rooms. 

The device, which is connected to the internet, looks like a canary: a reference to the canaries in the coal mine, who warned miners that the air quality was deteriorating.

The digital canary not only alerts office workers to a less good environment, but is also a tool for Idewe to make recommendations to employees about a healthier and more sustainable working environment in the office(s).

However, the device does more than just sound the alarm if (for example) 900 or 1200 ppm CO2 is exceeded. Because it is connected to WiFi, it can continuously send measurement results to the administrators. This creates a very interesting timeline of data that can be related to the occupation of rooms or ventilation data for example.

In time, IDEWE will be able to provide targeted advice on the basis of the data on exactly how to ventilate and whether additional prevention measures are required for a specific room or local area. The employers where the Little Lilly's are placed will soon also be able to read the exact values ​​​​in real time with an app on their smartphone.

You can find all (technical) information about this interesting pilot project in this blog post we wrote recently!