Recap of our first MongoDB Belgium meetup in Antwerp!

Antwerp, 7 May 2024 – We proudly hosted our inaugural Belgium MongoDB Meetup at our Antwerp office, drawing in MongoDB enthusiasts and industry professionals to the city of Antwerp. The event promised an in-depth exploration of MongoDB's foundational principles, advanced aggregation techniques, and a preview of its Gen AI capabilities.

Speakers of the first MongoDB Belgium meetup 

Saurabh Jain mongoDB meetup

Saurabh Jain (Solutions Architect at MongoDB) kick-off the sessions with his talk, "Unlocking MongoDB: From Basics to Advanced Features Including Gen AI Capabilities"

  • He illuminated MongoDB's flexible data model, highlighting its advantages over traditional relational databases. Participants gained a deeper appreciation for MongoDB's intuitive design, built-in query language, and robust aggregation framework. Saurabh also discussed MongoDB Atlas, the Cloud Developer Data Platform, and its versatility in supporting a range of use cases, from full-text search to analytics, across different architectural paradigms.

Ricardo Pires during the MongoDB Belgium meetup

After a short break, Ricardo Pires (Software Engineering Team Lead at 3T) shared his knowledge during his talk, "Level Up MongoDB Aggregations" 

  • Ricardo shared advanced techniques for building complex aggregation pipelines quickly. His live demonstration of Studio 3T's aggregation editor highlighted powerful features such as drag-and-drop query creation, easy stage duplication, and multi-language code generation, leaving the audience inspired by the efficiency and capabilities of these tools.

First MongoDB Belgium meetup: a great success! 

The first MongoDB meetup highlighted the transformative potential of NoSQL technology and underscored the vibrant tech landscape in Belgium. Covering a range of topics like big data to web development and emerging technologies, the meetup reaffirmed MongoDB's significant role in the digital age. 🚀

We love to see the MongoDB Belgium community grow and are dedicated to organizing more meetups in the future. Let’s continue to expand the MongoDB community in Belgium!