ACA Group can proudly call itself "Sports Company" for 2 years!

Since Nov. 3, ACA can proudly call itself owner of the Sport Vlaanderen quality label sports company.

At ACA Group, we have always believed in the power of a healthy lifestyle.

By investing in sufficient exercise and sports, we not only promote the physical health of our employees, but also their well-being and productivity. This initiative, supported by Sport Vlaanderen, emphasizes the importance of an integrated sports and exercise policy in companies.

The label includes seven main criteria with several sub-criteria, including:

  1. integrated sports and exercise policy
  2. exercise and sports ambassadors
  3. promotion of exercise and sports activities
  4. organization of sport and exercise initiatives
  5. sporting infrastructure
  6. commuting initiatives
  7. quality guidance from outside providers

To receive the label, a company must meet 4 of the 7 main criteria. We are therefore pleased to report that ACA meets five of these main criteria 🎉

While we are proud of this achievement, we consider it an incentive to continue to improve and grow in areas where there is still room for development.

The Sport Flanders label is not only a recognition of our efforts, but also serves as a valuable tool in the "war for talent. It highlights our commitment to the well-being of our employees, making us more attractive to new talent who value exercise and sport.

💪🏻 At ACA Group, we remain motivated to strengthen our commitment to employee health and look forward to an even more active and healthier future.