RBFA flametime together with ACA Group and PWC

ACA, PwC and RBFA give Red Flames a digital boost thanks to new #FLAMETIME campaign

All of Belgium is under the spell of the Red Flames these days. We are therefore extremely proud to announce that we, as an organization, can contribute to this. Together with PwC, we were given the task to further expand the RBFA app with a new section to promote women's soccer and to reward loyal Flames fans.

For this purpose, ACA developed #FLAMETIME in the existing mobile app, a system where loyal fans can win prizes by scanning QR codes. 12,000 fans already used the concept, which will be further expanded in the future with quizzes and additional content.

Last year we already developed and launched the new RBFA app in close cooperation with PwC and RBFA. It means a lot to us to be able to collaborate on the new Flametime campaign and its development in this app again.

I want to thank the team of PwC and ACA for their countless efforts to deliver the Flametime build in the app in time for our campaign. The scan and collect feature works perfectly fine and is a great stepping stone to build on for our loyalty strategy!

Manu Leroy, Marketing Director at RBFA
Manu Leroy - Marketing Director

Flametime makes sure that the Red Flames are put in the spotlight and they really deserve it.  GO Red Flames GO! I want to thank PwC and RBFA for their trust!

Ronny Ruyters, CEO at ACA Group
Ronny Ruyters - CEO