Acquisition and innovation lead ACA Group on growth path

The information technology company ACA Group, experienced a peasant year in 2022 with the acquisition of Flow Pilots, the expansion with new offices in Antwerp and Leuven, and the focus on creating added value using digital technologies and a focus on sustainability. The workforce grew by more than a quarter to 255 employees can be attributed to the active acquisition policy and corporate culture with attention to employee engagement, and to diversity and inclusion in the context of sustainable business.

The ambition this year is to take the organisation to the next level by focusing on sustainable innovation, further specialisation and attracting talent and expertise. The new year is already kicking off with two top transfers. 

Jan Vermeulen joins from Capgemini, where he led the Custom Software Development department for the past eight years as a purebred people manager with deep technical roots and a talent for setting up innovative business development processes. At ACA Group, he will lead the business unit dedicated to custom IT solutions with expertise in Java, .NET, Python and also Low Code.  Always with a focus on Agile approach and high quality. 

Breght Evens was country manager at Vaimo Benelux and France. He will join ACA Group with a broad knowledge of the e-commerce landscape, building lasting relationships and injecting digital strategies. Breght will lead the business unit dedicated to digital experience platforms and e-commerce.

Ronny Ruyters, CEO of ACA Group: "As a specialist in IT solutions and innovation, we guide companies in business model innovation through the power of technology. In doing so, we help our customers renew and improve their business model to create added value. Of course, this is more than just technology or economics and must also be people-oriented. Focusing on our team and our customers is crucial and only commitment guarantees results. The right employees propel an organisation forward and increase the quality and efficiency of a company. Jan and Breght have an impressive track record in people management and expertise in innovation processes and the introduction of new technologies. I am confident that they will help evolve our organisation to the next level."    

The ACA Group continues to pursue a dynamic acquisition strategy and look for acquisition opportunities at home and abroad. To this end, it is looking at SMEs in the same sector that are are considering a far-reaching and sustainable cooperation with or acquisition by ACA Group. Companies that attach importance to a strong corporate culture, quality, innovation and sustainability are at the top of the wish list.