DataNews: How ACA Group is revolutionizing the IT landscape

Until recently, the CIO thought of sustainability only in terms of green energy. That is now changing rapidly.

Redefining IT Sustainability: From Problem to Solution

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In a recent DataNews article from September 20, 2023, ACA Group's CDO and Sustainability Lead, Dorien Jorissen, emphasized the evolving view of sustainability in IT. IT is no longer just part of the environmental problem; it's also a solution. ACA Group, recognized as the Most Environmentally Responsible ICT Company of the Year, actively promotes a multifaceted approach to sustainability. They stress the importance of authentic engagement, knowledge sharing, and involvement across all company departments, not just IT.

The article also discusses how businesses are reducing their ecological footprint by considering practices like reusing and opting for second-hand equipment. Companies are shifting toward less frequent hardware replacements and leasing, which extends the lifecycle of IT assets. This transformation not only requires a shift in employee mindset but also from suppliers. Companies like Econocom are actively involved in refurbishing old hardware and giving it a second life. The government is setting an example by encouraging employees to choose second-hand devices.

Furthermore, the article highlights the demand for sustainable IT procurement, where companies like Inetum-Realdolmen offer CO2 compensation options for carbon-neutral purchasing. This sustainability trend is transforming both employee mindsets and supplier practices, with a growing focus on reducing environmental impact throughout the IT supply chain. The overall goal is to create a more sustainable future by adopting responsible IT practices and fostering a culture of ecological awareness across industries.

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