Flutter Belgium Meetup #16 Recap

Hasselt, 24 January 2024 - Last week, ACA proudly hosted the 16th edition of the Flutter Belgium Meetup at our Hasselt office, bringing together Flutter enthusiasts, experts, and curious minds to share and learn together about everything in the Dart & Flutter space.

The evening was filled with insightful talks, interesting discussions, and lots of opportunities for networking. To kick-off the evening, attendees were treated to pizza and drinks.

William Verhaeghe took the stage to share his expertise on Code generation. He highlighted three pivotal approaches in Code generation for Flutter: The simplicity of Co-Pilot for on-the-fly code suggestions, the direct control offered by file.write() and the structured efficiency of the Build Runner system. The key takeaway from this talk is to embrace these tools, each tailored for varying complexities and needs, to improve code quality and developer experience.

During the second session our team member Stijn Huygh took the stage to deep dive in the utilisation of mobile sensor data to track train movements. The talk focused on applying a scientific method of problem solving inside a development environment. Stijn applied this method towards detecting arrival and departure of trains, going through multiple iterations to come to the final solution; the use of accelerometer data to accurately detect arrival and departure of trains. The key takeaway was to take a systematic approach in problem solving to be able to reach desired outcomes even for highly complex problems.

The Flutter Belgium Meetup isn’t just about talks; it is a platform for fostering connections within the Flutter community. Attendees had the chance to participate in lightning talks, technical sessions, and share their own experiences and expertise.

We want to thank everyone who attended, making the event a great success!

Missed out on the event? Stay tuned for updates on future meetups, and don't hesitate to join us next time. Whether you're a seasoned Flutter expert or a curious beginner, Flutter Belgium Meetups are open to all, fostering a spirit of shared learning and growth!