Info session innovation management in Finance at VOKA

Our experts Alexander Frimout and Peter Jans recently gave an interesting information session at VOKA about Innovation Management in Finance for a select group of CFOs and finance professionals. The session took place in an interactive setting with representatives from various companies including Nitto Belgium, P&V Panels, Houben, Group Ceyssens, etc.

Peter Jans during the VOKA information session about innovation in finance

During the session, Alexander and Peter covered several important themes:

  • Technological developments in finance: The latest technological possibilities that can transform the financial sector.
  • The role of AI in finance: How artificial intelligence can contribute to more efficient and effective financial processes.
  • Process innovation in finance: Innovation in financial processes and the development of new financial products and services.

The presentation was followed by interesting discussions and interactive dialogues, which led to valuable insights and inspiration for those present. We thank VOKA for the opportunity and look forward to future collaborations!

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