ACA Group leads the way in IT innovation with successful "Nextgen IT" event

In a blend of inspiration, innovation, and implementation, ACA Group's "Nextgen IT" event at the architecturally acclaimed Wijndomein Valke Vleug has set a new benchmark for IT leadership and digital transformation. The exclusive gathering, focused on C-level executives, enterprise architects, and IT decision-makers, offered an intimate setting for discussions on the future of technology and organizational resilience.

The event, themed "Inspire. Innovate. Implement," took place on February 19th, providing attendees with a unique experience to explore the intersections of agile principles, technological innovations, and the leadership needed to navigate the digital age. Reflecting on the event's success, host and business unit manager at ACA Group, Jan Vermeulen remarked, "I think we can honestly consider this event as a great success thanks to the good number of interactive discussions and shared experiences. They have not only sparked new ideas but also reinforced the importance of adaptability and forward-thinking in IT leadership. Let's carry this momentum forward as we continue to shape the future of technology and organizational resilience together."

Full agenda and pictures of the event can be found here

The agenda was carefully curated to inspire and offer practical insights. Highlights included a keynote by Cedric Dumont on "High Performance at Work," where he shared insights from extreme sports and psychology to approach leadership and high performance in the business world. Subsequently, CIO Stijn Van den Enden highlighted in his presentation "IT in Motion: 3 Trends Shaping IT in the Coming Year," the dynamic nature of IT and the directions it is moving towards.

The afternoon featured a series of lightning sessions that delved deeper into crucial IT themes. Laurens Slechten spoke on "Adapt & Conquer: Managing Software Change," sharing strategies for adapting to software changes. Christopher Scheerlinck explored in "Composable Business Apps: Designing for Change" how flexible IT systems can be designed. Rowin Heymans focused on "Governance: Organizing for Change," emphasizing the importance of an agile organizational structure. Dieter Vennekens provided insights into "Technology Innovation: Implementing Change," on embracing technological innovations, while Tom De Wolf shared strategies in "Navigate Change: Towards a Roadmap" for navigating changes in the IT landscape.

The event culminated in an exclusive wine experience accompanied by a reception, allowing attendees to network and reflect on the day's learnings. The stunning venue, Wijndomein Valke Vleug, designed by Vincent Van Duysen, provided the perfect backdrop for an event dedicated to pushing the boundaries of IT leadership.

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