ACA Group in Trends Magazine: Digital Transition and Sustainability

ACA Group grew in recent years not only by doing more jobs for its clients, but also through acquisitions. The Aquisition of Flow Pilots last year was an important milestone! CEO Ronny Ruyters: "In an acquisition, we are guided by sustainability."

"We are on the starting line with our customers"

ACA Group grew 17% in 2021. The Hasselt-based software company grew in recent years not only by carrying out assignments for its customers, but also through acquisitions.

CEO Ronny Ruyters: "When making an acquisition, we are guided by sustainability. Due to the tight labor market, ACA Group supplements organizational growth with an active acquisition policy at home and abroad. Before ACA Group acquires a company, we always do a sustainability screening. Important criteria are corporate culture, diversity, equality and people-oriented action. Quality is also important. We attach great importance to customer retention, which is also a form of sustainability. ACA Group brings ideas to life and realizes and maintains digtial solutions."

Sustainability Network

ACA Group built a lot of sustainability projects over the past 20 years. Among others, it develops more BEPI platform of Amfori, the SmartSymbiose and Asbesattest for OVAM, solution in the Internet of Things and mobile healthcare for IDEWE and it is the structural IT partner of VALIPAC.

Sustainability Manager Dorien Jorissen: "The digital transition is an essential part of the innovation process in which our society must go through in the name of sustainability. Commitment and authenticity are essential in an internal sustainability policy. It starts with the people in your organization. Sustainable leadership is a journey you take together. ACA Group has a strong corporate culture. Being good to the planet and the employees is a high priority for us."