ACA JirAlytics

Valorize your Jira data with more ease and more flexibility

Jira holds a treasure of valuable data. But how can you successfully excavate it? With ACA JirAlytics you can easily enrich your Jira data with additional enterprise data and transform it into comprehensive reports and powerful insights. It’s the ultimate shortcut to agile workflow analytics that really makes a difference.


Start making sense of your Jira project data

There are few solutions on the market that help you visualize your data in Jira:

  • Third party visualization tools

    There are several parties that offer visualization options for Jira, but these solutions are not integrated in your existing reporting or your enterprise data ecosystem. Configuring data models takes a lot of time and effort, while streaming large data sets is currently impossible.

  • Jira built-in reporting tool

    Jira has a fully integrated built-in reporting tool that has a lot to offer and works very well. It was developed as a user-friendly solution to transform Jira data to easy-to-understand reports. If you are looking for more advanced functionality such as the integration of other internal and external data sources, data transformation, and (near) real-time reporting, the Jira built-in reporting tool will not be sufficient.

  • Atlassian Analytics

    Atlassian has recently launched their new Analytics solution. It is very easy to use and offers the most common reporting and visualization options. However, if you need real-time access, customizable visualization options, and company-wide integrated reporting, you should look for another solution.

✅ ACA JirAlytics

Are you looking for a Jira analytics solution that is flexible, powerful and fully integrated? ACA JirAlytics is a packaged solution which enables you to gain insights on Atlassian Jira data with the full empowerment of Power BI on top of a controlled and managed data store in Microsoft Fabric.

Benefits of ACA JirAlytics

ACA JirAlytics is the ultimate Jira data visualization and analytics tool, offering you everything you need:

  • One controlled Microsoft ecosystem: built on Microsoft Fabric and Power BI.
  • Integration of other data sources.
  • Complete ownership of all underlying Jira data and Power BI reports.
  • No full loads needed as there is the possibility to load incrementally.
  • Streaming (near) real-time data is possible.
  • Data can also be made available to third party apps.
  • Pay-as-you-go Fabric Pricing Model: only pay for the resources you use.
  • Content pack including pre-built data models, data loaders, reports, and dashboards.

Future-proof architecture for full control

ACA JirAlytics processes data from Jira and combines them with other data from internal and external sources to transform them into (near) real-time reports and insightful analytics. Our solution is built on an open, future-proof and customizable architecture, based on Microsoft Fabric. While ACA Group manages the complete solution, you have full control and ownership over the architecture, the technology and the data.

Why choose ACA as your Jira analytics partner?

ACA Group has a long tradition in the successful delivery of Atlassian and Jira projects, with a proven track record in designing and implementing multi-cloud data analytics platforms. In fact, we also use Jira ourselves for the follow-up of internal and external projects. It makes us the perfect partner for the implementation and optimization of your Jira analytics.

Microsoft Certified Badges
  • Longstanding partnership with Microsoft and Atlassian:
    • ACA is an official Microsoft & Atlassian partner and reseller.
    • ACA can enable Microsoft engineers to review the architecture setup.
    • Based on the type of setup and customer, Microsoft might provide funding.
  • Certified experts

    Our consultants are well-trained and officially certified. They know exactly how to successfully implement your functional and technical requirements.

  • In depth knowledge of Atlassian data content

    Our consultants have deployed numerous data models, loaders and reports for a wide variety of organizations. We offer tailor made managed service solutions for Atlassian and Microsoft combined.

  • Managed services

    We can provide preventive maintenance services. For example, if the Atlassian API changes we can adapt your data models and setup to guarantee your required output. Our service desk is there to help you when you need it.

  • Training by experts

    We offer specialized Power BI and Jira trainings and workshops. With our tips and tricks you can get to work yourself to set up your preferred data models and extract relevant and actionable insights.

Do you want to start valorizing your Jira data? Let us know!