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ACA Group helps businesses and organizations integrate artificial intelligence into their daily operations with the goal of getting more and better results from their data and efforts. AI as a value incubator for your business.

Our Services

Our team of experienced AI specialists is happy to help you with…

  • AI-advice and roadmapping

    Our experts work with you to identify areas where artificial intelligence can add value to your business and develop an AI implementation roadmap.

  • AI proof of value

    During the POV we test and validate your AI idea in practice. With a limited implementation, our AI experts check the most important critical aspects such as feasibility, applicability and cost-effectiveness of the solution.

  • AI development & integration

    Thanks to ACA Group's strong IT expertise, your new AI solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing systems and workflows. This way, all your activities can proceed without interruption.

  • AI support

    We provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your AI solutions continue to run smoothly and deliver the expected results.

Some of our succes stories

Our domains of expertise

  • Computer Vision

    Using camera systems for quality control, visual sorting or data collection.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Working with (un)structured text data for chatbots, maintenance or automation of processes.

    Discover more about ChatGPT and Large Language Models

  • Data

    Extract valuable insights from your data from marketing, sales, production or other processes.

ACA goes beyond the AI ​​hype

The rapid and continuous developments in the field of AI make it difficult to see the difference between the hype and the real value for your business. For us, AI technology is a valuable new tool in our extensive toolbox that we have used for decades to create tailor-made solutions for our customers.

An AI solution never stands alone. It forms part of your processes and works together with data platforms, IT systems, and so on. As a major IT player, we have all the knowledge and experience to deploy exactly the expertise and technology needed to create maximum value in your project. From data and cloud specialists, to UX experts and developers in Python, Javascript, mobile and more. We bring all these specialists together to offer a total solution that is perfectly integrated into your current processes.

Our 4 project pillars = your guarantee for success

  • 1. Customized AI solutions

    ACA group always develops a tailor-made solution, 100% customized to your needs and perfectly scalable with the size of your organization. We ensure seamless integration with your existing tech stack. New third-party platforms are not necessary, which gives you more control over your data security and privacy. At the end of the day, all these benefits ensure a lower total cost of ownership and more peace of mind.

  • 2. Cutting edge technology with an efficient approach

    Customized software does not mean that we have to reinvent hot water every time. ACA's AI team continuously trains to optimally understand and apply the most efficient new techniques and frameworks. By making smart use of cutting-edge frameworks such as Langchain or Deepstream, we save a lot of time and efficiency in our projects.

  • 3. Focus on value for your business

    ACA goes beyond a technical proof of concept. During an initial project phase, we determine whether the solution is profitable for your business. We not only check the technical requirements, but also map the required CAPEX/OPEX and ROI of your solution. We also determine how the solution can best be integrated into your organization. We draw up the process and test UI/UX using wireframes.

  • 4. Close collaboration with your team

    Co-creation and collaboration are central to our approach. No one knows your organization as well as you and your colleagues. That is why close collaboration with your experts is not only desirable, but even necessary. Both on a technical and business level.

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