Hosting your Atlassian environment

Make your Atlassian environment more performant, reliable and more secure through private cloud hosting.

Is private cloud hosting the right thing for me?

Excellent question. Hosting your Atlassian environment in a private cloud has a couple of benefits, especially if…

  • you want to continue to use your existing setup instead of migrating to Atlassian Cloud.
  • your data localization is essential from GDPR or HIPAA point of view.
  • your Atlassian environment is critical to your business.
  • you use JIRA for business processes like keeping time and tracking issues.
  • your end-users spend too much time waiting because of slower response times in Bitbucket, JIRA or Confluence.
  • you want to be able to perform maintenance during working hours without disrupting your end-users.
  • you want to eliminate any downtime at all.

If this sounds good to you, check out how we can empower your teams to reach their full potential.

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Managed hosting excellence + our Atlassian expertise = your A-Z solution

Through our years of experience in managed services and Atlassian tools, we can offer you an A-Z solution for your Atlassian environment. We offer an AWS-based Atlassian Data Center, which we combine with the power of Kubernetes to create a cluster of nodes.

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  • 24/7/365 uptime in any situation

    Our automation keeps your business critical applications running at all times. Your Atlassian Jira Server fails? Data Center automatically redirects your traffic to a different node. Your application crashes? Kubernetes automatically spins up a new Docker container. Need to upgrade JIRA? Guaranteed zero downtime because of multiple application instances provided by Atlassian Data Center.

  • Incredible performance and scalability

    Scale instantly without repetitive and costly admin tasks. With AWS EKS your Atlassian applications and environments exist as code in Terraform, so they are immediately reproducible through our automation. You can easily scale up or down and make optimal use of your resources. Using the proper governance monitoring tool, we advise on your cost, load, performance and optimize your traffic and load by using a content delivery network (CDN).

  • High quality support

    We offer excellent support when it comes to Atlassian products and cloud services. Whether you need help in administering JIRA, Confluence or BitBucket, optimizing internal processes or visualizing metrics, Agile coaching or tech support in general, our solutions got you covered.

  • Detailed monitoring

    Our monitoring tools provide you with detailed performance and cost statistics. Check how well your infrastructure is doing at a glance and get alerts on compliancy or when thresholds have been reached.

How does our solution stack up against others?

We think an AWS-based Atlassian Data Center combined with Kubernetes is the best solution. But don’t take our word for it. Let’s compare our solution to a few different options. Unsure about what those options exactly do? Our decision chart offers some more explanation. Additionally, we've laid out the three most occurring scenarios here.

  • AWS Cloud versus OnPremise

    Moving to the cloud offers many advantages as opposed to staying on premise.

    • Easy access anywhere to your Atlassian toolings without exposing your internal infrastructure.
    • Availability is no longer your responsibility.
    • You only pay for what you use and not for what you possibly may need in the future, so it’s cheaper.
  • AWS Cloud versus Atlassian Cloud

    There are some advantages when running an Atlassian product in your personal hosted AWS cloud environment.

    • You have complete control over the availability and performance of your environment and can scale up or down based on your business needs.
    • Limitless integration with your internal applications, tools and systems.
    • Access to the all the apps from the Atlassian Marketplace compatible with Data Center
  • Multiple nodes versus single node

    The advantages of having multiple nodes over a single node are:

    • spread load over different nodes, ensuring better performance,
    • ability to perform upgrades in place with no downtime for end-users,
    • more flexibility when performing system and application maintenance.

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decorative cloud

Our solution combines all of the advantages of cloud hosting

and adds a few new ones as well, such as

  • high-quality support,
  • detailed monitoring,
  • and a personalized approach.

Not exactly sure which cloud solution to pick? We’ve made a handy decision chart to help you decide which is the best cloud solution for your Atlassian environment.

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