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Why a clear data strategy is important

  • Gain more insights

    With the right data streams and visualization, your organization can gain more insights more quickly, gaining a competitive advantage.

  • Don't steer blind

    Your data architecture drawings won’t be accurate anymore after 5 years. However, you need to define a blueprint or framework in order to guide your data initiatives to a future-proof solution!

  • Align with all your partners

    Having a clear data strategy helps you communicate with all your partners, internally and externally. Having the proper architecture in place puts you in the driving seat when making 'data contracts' with all your partners!

What is a Data Architecture and why is it important?

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Our data services

  • Data strategy & roadmap

    There is no such thing as a 'final setup'.

    The area of Data is huge and can become complex if you do not have a proper Data Strategy in place. It's important to have an architectural blueprint to guide you in your journey, but you don't have to work it all out in detail. Let us help you grow your architecture with the data maturity of your company.

  • Data discovery

    Visualize your data to gain insights.

    Don't start to produce new reports or dashboards without involving your key users in the process of data discovery. The right data talks, and it has loads to tell.

    We love to prototype your future insights by utilizing your data and involving your key users to show you how to get the most out of your data.

  • Data architecture

    Data meshing is the new normal.

    Domain driven architecture is proven to be bullet- and future-proof. With data meshing, data can 'act' seamlessly in such an architecture. Moreover, it helps you tackle your data (domain) ownership issues and improve governance over your data landscape. 

  • Data pipelines

    Whether it’s stream or batch data pipelines, we make it work.

    Delivering data in real-time or not isn’t  a technical question, but a functional one. Data solutions nowadays are capable of providing both in parallel, using a common processing service. This has the advantage that you need to apply your business logic only once in one place. While your monitoring service orchestrates your data flows, your data catalog provides you insights in your data pipelines at any time.

  • Support services

    Backup is just around the corner.

    Your data platform is up and running, which is great! You might occasionally need help from an expert though, or a hotline in case of incidents that need solving right then and there. Then we’re there to help! If you really want to focus completely on your core business, we can also go one step further and manage your data platform for you: a smoothly running, completely serviced, maintained, monitored and upgraded cloud environment.

Why choose us?

  • We understand your data challenges

    Each project and each customer is unique. There is no solution that fits all. Maybe your biggest challenge is delivering consistent and clean data, someone else’s challenge might lie in performance, or maybe it’s the other way around. Thanks to our experience in projects all across the board, we’re able to quickly spot, understand and avoid possible pitfalls within your current (or future) setup.

  • A true partner to our customers

    We co-create. Your success is ours. We involve our customers in our internal innovation processes. We need to understand what our customers are dreaming about in order to guide them in their journey to a solution that fulfils all their needs and expectations.

  • Your entrance to a data-network without vendor lock-in

    While our vision on data is technology agnostic, we prefer to work with technologies we believe makes a difference for our customers. However, if our customers decide to work with different tools, we still support them 100%. We strive to be your single point of contact for all your data questions. If we don't have the answer ourselves, we connect to our network to get the answer for you!

In God we trust. All others: bring data!

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