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Benefits of cloud DevOps

  • Free up your team

    Automated deployments and standardized production environments make deployments predictable and free your team from routine repetitive tasks to go do more high value things.

  • Shorter delivery times

    DevOps utilizes a high degree of automation to ensure a smooth delivery process. Moreover, due to its collaborative nature, any problems are spotted earlier on, further speeding up releases.

  • Higher degree of collaboration and agility

    DevOps improves business agility by providing an atmosphere of mutual collaboration, communication, and integration across teams, leading to better products and services and happier team members.

  • Lower costs

    Since DevOps greatly streamlines the different aspects of your organization and delivery process, you can offer your products at a lower cost compared to a competitor who hasn’t implemented DevOps to the same degree.

Our DevOps services

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DevOps set-up

Thanks to our vast experience, we know how to set up a DevOps workflow for you with the right tools. We employ best practices such as infrastructure-as-code, blue/green deployment, continuous delivery and more.

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devops assessment
devops assessment

DevOps assessment and improvement

After a thorough analysis, our experts will score your DevOps practices and propose potential improvements. Every improvement is explained in detail, with benefits and (cost) impact on your organization.

Why choose us?

  • Built-in improvements

    To succeed with DevOps, it’s vital that you have the right data to keep a close eye on performance and prove success at every stage. Our approach includes integrated automated testing to check for improvements, which we then prioritize and execute together with you.

  • We practice what we preach

    As a company that develops software itself, we understand how Dev and Ops work together more than anyone. After all, we’ve been supporting our own agile development teams for years now, always working to further streamline workflows and delivery.

  • Innovative approach

    Our years of experience enable us to spot and quickly implement innovative technologies and approaches. It’s the reason why we quickly adopted an infrastructure-as-code approach and use predictive tools to prevent downtime and fix issues before they have even a chance to cause a disruption.

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