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Benefits of managed services

As an extension to our cloud hosting, we offer digital managed services as an all-in-one solution to plan and forecast the yearly maintenance cost for your complete setup.

  • Future-proof

    One of the major benefits of using managed services is the constant access to up-to-date technology. You’ll never have to worry about your systems being outdated or making an investment that doesn’t pan out.

  • Lower and predictable costs

    With managed services, your costs are neatly packaged into a set amount, while in-house IT often comes with many more frequent and unexpected expenses that can quickly drain your budget.

  • Scalable (up and down)

    As your organization grows or your IT needs shrink, you can easily scale your managed services up and down without spending on training new employees or an IT team that hasn’t got that much to do anymore.

  • Preventative instead of reactive

    A reactive break-fix approach might leave your apps and infrastructure vulnerable and unavailable. Managed services offer constant and consistent monitoring for a preventative service.

Our managed services

  • 24/7 security

    We set up and follow up any security notifications on cloud and operating systems, hardware and tools and infrastructure alerts, including user management, authentication and access control.

  • Maintenance you won’t even notice

    You can count on us for all your maintenance needs, such as safely starting and stopping servers and applications during scheduled or unscheduled maintenance.

  • An eye in the sky with thorough monitoring

    With our monitoring, you always have an expert eye on the availability and health of your application(s), including reporting on the (un)availability percentages.

  • Always a backup plan

    We make sure to configure and control your backups so they fit your needs exactly. Accidentally deleting files is a remnant of the past.

Why choose us?

  • You're in control

    We offer fully managed and co-managed options, always working with you to provide the managed solutions that work best for your business, whether that’s leaving everything to us or coordinating with your in-house staff. Whether you’re interested in fully managed or co-managed options, you’re always in control of your business operations.

  • Broad expertise

    Our cross-disciplinary team has the right expertise, whether it’s monitoring, DevOps, or Kubernetes. From our wide range of available solutions, we only offer the right one with the most added value to our customers’ challenges.

  • Innovative approach

    Our years of experience enable us to spot and quickly implement innovative technologies and approaches. It’s the reason why we quickly adopted an infrastructure-as-code approach and use predictive tools to prevent downtime and fix issues before they have even a chance to cause a disruption.

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Peter Jans
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