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Python Java Low Code

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At the ACA Group, we want to offer the right solution at the right time. That's why we developed an extensive expertise in Java, Low Code and Python. So why choose Python? read on to understand why we would choose Python for a specific project or customer.

Python Java Low Code
  • The choice for innovation
    Python is the most popular language used in innovations, such as machine learning. 
  • Open source
    Python is free to use and distribute, including commercial opportunities / projects  
  • Vast libraries & community
    The standard library and community is very extensive, offering a wide range of support and facilities.
  • Easy to learn
    Excellent readability and uncluttered syntax that helps beginners to learn Python.
  • High productivity and speed
    Clean object-oriented design that provides enhanced process control capabilities. 
  • User-friendly data structures
    Built-in list and data structures that can be used to construct fast runtime data structures. 
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Join companies like NASANetflix, IBM, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Amazon and Walt Disney. 

Our team is ready to assist you. Whether you are looking for consultants, support for a new project or advice concerning the use of Python or another development language.

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Application of Python

Popular uses of Python in different industries

Have a look at different type of uses for Python from the real world in different industries. Use cases are still growing every day, along with its usage and popularity. The market isn't the only thing that has been evolving a lot in the last few years, Python has too. 

  • TACKLE CLIMATE CHANGE (Energy / Utilities)
     Renowned data analyst are all very clear about 1 thing: "Python software development is key to the future of data science". And data science tools are one of the crucial elements to tackle climate change. Python can limit time spent and has the best web scraping tools for data scientists. 
    • Monitoring energy uses in near real-time
    • Pinpointing the optimal location for energy sources
    • Refreshing pipeline Asset Management
    Python is an invaluable programming tool for healthcare apps. It can be easily used to create web or desktop applications, it's framework allows secure exchange of info and it can analyse large sets of data using machine learning for insights. Some examples from the real world: 
    • Disease prognosis 
    • Understanding patient responses to treatments
    • Optimize patient care 
    • Ensure high-quality outcomes for clinical trials
  • FINTECH' Nr 1 (Finance)
    Python is considered as the primary programming language for FinTech. Not only creating business insights with machine learning and flexible data transformation, but added value from simplicity in syntax and the reliable high performance, without compromising speed.
    • Analyze large datasets, big financial data 
    • Mobile Banking Platform
    • Cryptocurrency market analysis & predictions  
  • Automation & Modernization (TeleCom)
    A telecommunication testing operation with the right tools at the right moment, with the right skills can grow the power of Big Data to improve knowledge discovery in the company, gain new insights into networks, and bolster network quality.
    • Increase reliability with test automation
    • Ensured data confidentiality
    • Big Data processing & analysis

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