What is Solid?

Give your users back the control of their personal data in a user-friendly way

To provide strong and efficient services to customers, organizations are collecting more and more personal data. In exchange for this data, users naturally want to know what you are doing with it and to be able to access it in an easy way. Transparency is therefore an important prerequisite for any successful data strategy.

Solid takes this a step further. It is an ecosystem that gives users back full control over their personal data and allows organizations to build a better relationship of trust with their various stakeholders. In Belgium, ACA is happy to help build Solid's foundations.

  • Wat is Solid?

    As users today, we share so much personal data with organizations that it is almost impossible to track. Let alone that we can manage this data. Solid is a concept that allows you to keep that personal data in a data vault.

    As the owner, you control which individuals, organizations and applications you share data with. Moreover, you can manage and cancel access to your data at any time.

  • What are the benefits?

    Besides transparency and user-friendliness, such a digital portfolio has other benefits for users:

    • You only share your data with companies you trust
    • No need to re-enter the same data for each service
    • You confidently enjoy personalized services
    • You always find quick access to important data and documents
    • You share only what is strictly necessary

Flanders leads by example

The Flemish government is playing a pioneering role in this field and has the ambition to provide every citizen with a personal data safe based on Solid technology. Local companies should therefore not be left behind and should jump on the Solid train. Moreover, Solid offers nothing but advantages for organizations as well:

‣ You create a relationship of trust where customers will be more willing to share data

‣ This data allows you to offer more efficient and personalized services

‣ Ensuring compliance and transparency gets a lot easier

‣ You collect only the necessary elements rather than a complete data set

‣ You reduce your time to market

Discover Solid with ACA

At ACA, we are fully engaged in Solid. Would you like to discover what the concept can do for your business? And would you like to get started applying Solid in your organization as soon as possible?

Our Solid experts are happy to help. Let us know what questions you have and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.