From basic websites to dynamic web experiences and communications


  • A central and personalized content hub
  • Employee training follow-up and knowledge base
  • Fine-grained authorization
  • Outstanding accessibility
  • Mobile-first experience


  • Higher degree of involvement of employees in UZ Brussel culture and values
  • Better trained staff and higher quality medical care
  • Faster time to action through user and role based communication
  • More involved visitors and patients on websites
  • Anytime and anywhere online on any device

Liferay solution for UZ Brussel challenges

UZ Brussel is a university hospital whose clinical excellence, scientific commitment and people-oriented approach ensure the highest degree of competence in many fields. Like many other health organizations, the UZ Brussel hospital was looking to improve their services.

Smoother user experience

The departmental websites had as many stylings and technologies as the hospital had heads of department. This led to an inconsistent user experience and little coherence

Precise user subsets

It was a hassle to give the right people access to sensitive information and divide users into groups. Especially with the GDPR coming up, there was a need for a fine-grained authorization system

Central knowledge sharing and follow-up

It was difficult for the UZ Brussel hospital to follow up on the in-service training of their workforce and establish a knowledge base.

Better mobile experience and accessibility

UZ Brussel wanted to increase the involvement of its patients and visitors by improving the mobile experience and increasing their websites’ accessibility.

As a solution to these challenges, a new portal site ‘Insite’ and new departmental websites were set up. Both solutions are powered by Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP), a suite of products that provides UZ Brussel with an architecture to centralize communication, deliver connected patient and visitor experiences and gather actionable customer insight.

UZ Brussel intranet: Nieuws en activiteiten

Streamlined internal communication through Insite

A central and personalized source of content

The hospital now publishes its news directly on the Insite intranet. Here, employees can find general information about UZ Brussel, HR related topics and company related benefits through an automatically personalized dashboard.

Fine-grained authorization

Liferay allows for precise allocation of roles and rights to Insite users. It’s also possible to create groups of users and send specific information to only those groups of users. This prevents the clogging up of Insite users’ dashboards.

Employee training follow-up and knowledge base

Insite shares information about trainings based on a user’s role and profile. This way, only employees that need to see a specific training, see the information. That makes it easier to see where they can improve and allows for better preparations in case of audits. Additionally, UZ Brussel departments can share trainings and establish a knowledge base on a department or company wide level.

Unified departmental sites


The UZ Brussel websites and Insite are built with a ‘mobilefirst’ mindset. For patients and visitors, this means that they can easily navigate content on their smartphones or tablets. For doctors and content creators, this means they can manage and view content such as videos, news and blogs, anywhere, anytime.

Outstanding accessibility

Working with Liferay made it possible to make the UZ Brussel websites AnySurfer proof. This means the websites have outstanding accessibility for visually impaired as well as blind patients and visitors.


and powerful Liferay’s flexibility allowed for custom-made departmental websites while still retaining a unified user experience. Content creators of every department can easily create and manage the content on their department’s large-scale website, without having to worry about the technical side of things.

UZ Brussel intranet: Communicatiedienst

Why UZ Brussel and ACA chose for Liferay

ACA really lives up to their mission of adding the human touch to efficient and future-proof content and information solutions. Whether your goal is to minimize paper workflows or unite information in a digital experience platform, ACA makes sure your digital content is organized and exposed to the right people at the right time and in the right place. ACA has been a Liferay Partner since 2009 and is now a Platinum Partner. ACA’s expertise has also led to the winning of the Liferay Community Excellence Award 4 years in a row. The choice for Liferay was obvious for ACA, but for UZ Brussel too, the Liferay platform was an excellent choice. Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform is labeled as a Leader and Visionary in its field by Gartner, and its strengths truly come to their right in the context of healthcare.

1. Liferay is flexible and agile,

especially when it is used to build highly customized experiences. The platform’s ability to support flexible architectures and development approaches is outstanding.

2. Liferay innovates organically

and has a good track record for converting customers’ demands and ideas into new product features and enhancements.

3. Liferay offers excellent customer support

and service, which is especially important in organizations that operate continuously and need to be available 24/7.

Intranet UZ Brussel: contactpagina

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