How Livlina uses data to optimize their customer service

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Livlina actively drives optimization in the pharmaceutical supply chain, prioritizing health as essential. They invest in innovative technologies, expand their network, and grow expertise to provide top-tier services to their customers. By streamlining processes and maintaining dedication, they ensure the most efficient and effective healthcare solutions. 


  • Lots of manual reporting work which is time-consuming and prone to errors
  • Growing need for data management
  • Increasing reporting demands
  • Give customers access to insights and data

Our solution(s)

✓ Dashboards in Power BI: Transitioning to Power BI helped automate manual processes and improve efficiency in generating reports.

✓ Tackling increasing reporting demands: Establishing a cloud-based data platform facilitates increasing reporting demands, both internally (for Livlina) and externally (for their customers).

✓ Training & knowledge sharing: We offered both basic and advanced training programs, which enabled key users at Livlina to understand and use the reporting tools effectively for their needs.

✓ Workload reduction and improved data management: Combining the data platform with Power BI capabilities helped reduce the manual workload and improved the overall data management.

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