Building the future of Intranet with TU Delft and Liferay

On 8 January 2024, ACA Group and TU Delft joined forces to further develop the intranet of the largest technical university in the Netherlands. The first task in this collaboration was to migrate the intranet running on Liferay from Firelay to AWS. In this article, you'll discover everything about the new partnership. 

A few years ago, some people from TU Delft attended a Liferay inspiration session at ACA’s offices, where they were enthusiastic about ACA’s technical expertise. When the tender for the hosting, development and maintenance of the TU Delft intranet based on Liferay was issued, we were happy to submit a tender.

ACA chosen as partner

In response to the tender, ACA submitted a thorough dossier, which convinced TU Delft. The tender covered six criteria, including an implementation plan, test process description, dashboard visualization, and others.

ACA got rated with the maximum points for:

  • organization (with a description of the project team and relevant experience),
  • contribution to the Liferay community,
  • and focus on innovation and advice.

Our recognition as a Liferay platinum partner undoubtedly contributed to the positive assessment.

The successful Intranet migration is the result of close collaboration between TU Delft and ACA, where we not only transfer technology but also build trust and appreciation.

Tom Claus, Project Manager at ACA Group
Tom  Claus - Project Manager

Successful Liferay migration to AWS

In early 2024, we began transferring the existing intranet with 13,000 users from Firelay to AWS (Amazon Web Services). There was quite a bit of pressure on this project because support for Firelay was set to end on April 1. Despite this, the migration proceeded smoothly, and after thorough testing in the acceptance environment, we successfully completed the project on March 13, 2024, well in advance of the deadline. Transitioning to AWS brings several benefits to TU Delft. The new environment is five times more efficient, offering enhanced flexibility and scalability. Additionally, AWS's cloud-native and monitoring features provide further advantages.

TU Delft is off to a great start with ACA. What is striking about the collaboration is the professionalism, following well-thought-out processes and personal contact. We look forward to the coming years in which we will achieve great developments together.

Sanne Wijsman, Product Owner Intranet at TU Delft
Sanne Wijsman - Product Owner Intranet

Building the intranet of the future

The collaboration between ACA and TU Delft doesn't end after the migration. In the long term, ACA will continue to develop and maintain TU Delft's intranet using Liferay.

One definite plan is the upgrade to Liferay DXP 7.4, which will provide more user-friendliness and additional functionality, such as improved content management, integrations, low-code capabilities, and even AI integration.

Together with Liferay and TU Delft, ACA is committed to build the intranet of the future. 💡

We are thrilled to see ACA's successful migration of TU Delft's intranet to the cloud. Their deep understanding of Liferay DXP and cloud platforms like AWS makes them a valuable partner for complex digital transformation projects. The successful collaboration between ACA, Liferay, and TU Delft further showcases the strength of our partner ecosystem in delivering innovative digital solutions – we are really proud of that!

Christian Thiede, Head of Sales EMEA North at Liferay
Christian Thiede - Head of Sales EMEA North