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Your Liferay Platinum Partner to get the tailored digital experience you deserve

One Liferay DXP platform with limitless capabilities

  • Smooth and personalized experiences

    Through its flexibility, Liferay DXP allows for infinite customization and solutions that fit exceptionally well.

  • Increased productivity

    Engage users by making it easy to find resources and get work done quickly and efficiently.

  • Unifying disparate systems

    Unite silos and disparate legacy systems in an easy-to-use solution to help your users quickly find information and get things done.

  • Something completely different

    Thanks to its flexibility and customization, the Liferay DXP platform offers truly limitless capabilities, even if your challenge is less traditional in nature.

The Liferay DXP platform offers you a tailored solution on a unified platform, whatever your challenge is. Talk to us about your challenge and we’ll get back to you with a plan on how to tackle it!

Our services

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  • Liferay DXP training for administrators and developers

    Become an expert through our Liferay DXP training in which we teach you

    • how to set up portals with different pages and users,
    • manage content,
    • design portals according to brand guidelines,
    • build portlets,
    • and introduce plug-ins.
  • Liferay DXP health check

    Are you getting the most out of your Liferay investment? Find out with a thorough health check for your Liferay environment! We conduct a full code and configuration audit, with a checklist of actionable improvements afterwards, from UI and UX to permissions and architecture.

  • Liferay upgrades without worry

    Upgrading to a newer version of Liferay DXP can sometimes prove to be difficult. Before you make the jump, we preemptively check for any potential problems and risks that upgrading may cause. We perform a time-boxed ‘inception phase’, in which we screen your existing environment and upgrade it in small steps. That way, your environment can keep its stability and we’re able to make a realistic estimate of how much time is needed to fully upgrade the entire environment.

  • Support services and license management

    Our role doesn’t end when a project has gone live. We further support our clients with hosting their Liferay platform, regardless of the implementation or SLAs.

    We also manage your Liferay license with proper follow-up and handling, such as up-front notifications when license renewal dates are coming along and advice on the proper steps to take.

  • Your custom solution and service

    The services on this page are far from everything we have to offer you. We have years of experience in custom projects, services and solutions, and we are confident in our ability to help you with a personalized solution as well. We’d love to chat with you about your questions to see where we can help!

Our products

  • Liferay DXP

    Liferay DXP is the leading open source portal for enterprise portal solutions. Liferay DXP offers content management, collaboration, user management and more out-of-the-box and is the perfect platform to build customer and employee engagement platforms.

  • Liferay Commerce

    Liferay Commerce is a more than just an e-commerce platform and comes with Liferay DXP included, offering endless flexibility, extremely user-friendliness and detailed personalization.

  • Liferay Office365 Connector

    The Liferay Office365 Connector allows users to sign into Office365 and show all kinds of content straight from Liferay DXP: documents from OneDrive, activities from Teams, status of your Team colleagues, and more.

Why choose us?

  • Liferay Platinum Partner

    We are the only Liferay Platinum Partner in Belgium, meaning we have a direct line of communication to Liferay. This grants us - and you - access to resources others don’t have, and the guarantee that your voice will be heard.

  • 100% success rate

    Every Liferay project we have ever started has successfully been put into production. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we know exactly what Liferay can and can’t do. This allows us to give our customers optimal advice about how to get the most out of their product.

  • True expertise and vast experience

    5 of our Liferay experts have more than 5 years of experience, while 3 others sport more than 10 years of experience. Every single team member is Liferay certified to be able to offer our customers the highest quality.

  • Awarded and community-driven

    We’re incredibly active in the Liferay community, writing technical blogs, speaking at international conferences such as Liferay Devcon and programming code that has been included in Liferay’s core. For these efforts, Liferay has awarded us the Liferay Community Excellence Award, which only 7 partners worldwide have the privilege of receiving. In 2019, we also received the EMEA Social Responsibility Award.

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