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Celebrating one year of success as an OutSystems Partner, the #1 Low-Code platform

28 March 2024 - ACA Group celebrates its first anniversary as an OutSystems partner with an impressive set of accomplishments regarding low-code! In just one year, our team has not only obtained both Delivery and Sales Partner Authorisations but has also successfully completed its first projects using the innovative OutSystems Developer Cloud platform. Our dedicated focus has transformed the way we approach app development, further highlighting us as leaders in the digital landscape. Read about our collaborative Low-Code Sustainability event with OutSystems.

Leading the way with OutSystems Delivery and Sales Partner Authorisations

As pioneers in the industry, ACA has accomplished both the Delivery and Sales Partner Authorisations in a record-setting 12 months. This remarkable achievement not only underscores our commitment to excellence but also demonstrates the dedication of our team to exceeding client expectations with the highest levels of quality and proficiency.

As OutSystems Delivery and Sales authorised partner, ACA has shown expertise in positioning Low-Code and OutSystems at customers from awareness throughout successful delivery of projects with 5/5 customer ratings. At ACA we strive to deliver solutions with a fit-for-purpose approach and define together with our customers the right strategy to position OutSystems ODC in their existing IT landscape.

I am happy to see ACA is continuing its great partnership journey with OutSystems to continue to grow the low-code business and bring acceleration into the market. The powerful combination of their sales focus and their solution expertise, positions them well to develop new market opportunities and deliver an excellent end-end client experience. Congrats on fast tracking the well-deserved Sales- and Delivery authorization levels, confirming the relentless work that gets put into building a high quality organization every day. 

Goele Coelst, Partner Alliances Manager at OutSystems
Goele Coelst -  Partner Alliances Manager

After 7 years of focus on Low-Code and being an OutSystems Partner, it’s a great achievement to reach this level of partner authorisation in just 12 months! It’s very rewarding to see that our strategic vision and high-quality focus is being recognised.

Gregory Van Dorpe, Low Code Competence Center Lead at ACA Group
Gregory Van Dorpe - Low Code Competence Center Lead

Reinventing app development with OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC)

At ACA, we are rewriting the future of app development with our focus on OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC). This low-code platform provides a modular and scalable environment, fundamentally transforming the way applications are developed and deployed. With ODC, ACA is not only reshaping traditional norms but also setting new benchmarks in the tech industry.

We are proud to share that ACA has successfully delivered the first consequent low-code projects in Belgium using the ODC platform. Our goal is to empower our clients with rapid development of web apps, portals, mobile apps, and workflows, and deliver the best possible solutions.

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