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Want to drastically reduce your application development time?

Do you recognize these pain points of application development?

  • High development costs

    Traditional software development requires extensive coding, testing and maintenance by specialists. As a result, costs add up quickly.

  • Lack of experienced developers

    More and more technologies need to be supported for modern multichannel applications: java, angular, cloud native, ios, android, ... Developers with the right knowledge and experience are hard to find, let alone keep.

  • Long development time

    Traditional application development is complex and time consuming. However, your customers and your own organization need quick solutions.

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What is Low-Code?

Low-Code is an innovative software development concept that allows developers to quickly and easily build applications using a visual interface with minimal coding.

Low-Code allows developers to focus on the logic and functionality of an application, rather than the underlying code. This way they work more productively and deliver more value to your organization.

"Low-Code enables organizations to deliver applications faster and more efficiently, while reducing the burden on developers and IT teams." – Gartner

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Advantages of Low-Code development

  • Faster development

    Low-Code platforms, such as OutSystems, offer useful tools such as a visual interface, reusable components, AI-assisted development and drag-and-drop functionality. As a result, the development time and time-to-market is three to four times shorter compared to traditional development methods.

  • Higher productivity

    With Low-Code, much less development and coding is required. As a result, developers work much more productively and you don’t need to allocate a big team. This saves you a lot of costs not only during the development phase but throughout the entire application lifecycle.

  • Better collaboration = better results

    Low-Code is much more visual and intuitive than traditional code, making it understandable to non-developers as well. This promotes collaboration between developers and users and makes it easier to build applications that meet the functional requirements.

  • One platform for different technologies

    With a Low-Code platform like OutSystems you only need one platform to build fullstack web, mobile, integrations, and backend solutions. And that can all be done by one and the same developer. An extensive team of different technical experts with specific knowledge is not necessary.

  • Simple innovation integration

    You don't need a domain expert or complex code to incorporate AI, IoT or other innovations into your project. These things can be easily implemented thanks to simple connections. Low-Code platforms such as OutSystems are also easy to integrate into your existing IT landscape.

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ACA Group: your Low-Code partner ✅

ACA Group is happy to help you get the most out of Low-Code with an extensive range of services:

  • Low-Code Consulting

    Do you want to find out whether Low-Code can be an added value for your organization? Let us help. We tell you how best to use Low-Code and advise you on the selection of the best Low-Code platform for your specific objectives. Thanks to our practical experience with the most important platforms on the market, you can be sure of the best independent advice.

  • Low-Code Development

    Our developers are fully committed to your Low-Code development project. With our extensive Low-Code expertise and experience in the high-quality delivery of agile software, you can be sure that everything runs smoothly. Before, during and after the project.

  • Low-Code Support

    We are happy to take everything off your hands. From the management and support of your application and the platform, to the interaction with the platform vendor. Everything you don't want to do yourself, we do for you with a smile. This way you can fully focus on your business and your customers. Amazing, right?

  • Low-Code Center of Excellence

    Do you want to start with Low-Code, but do you lack the right knowledge and expertise? Let's work on it together. We act as your internal Low-Code knowledge center, share our best practices and train your employees. Our Low-Code experts work with your employees on your projects and together we set up the right governance and processes. All tailored to your needs.

Why choose ACA Group?

  • ✔ Agile champion

    We live and breathe Agile. It is our habit to work in small iterations, in which you as a customer can provide continuous feedback. It is your guarantee of a solution that really meets your needs. Agile is also key to a successful Low-Code implementation.

  • ✔ Low-Code & OutSystems experts

    Our Low-Code specialists have a lot of practical experience in small and large projects. Our team's numerous international awards are the strongest guarantee of the quality of every project we deliver.

  • ✔ One-stop shop

    You can contact us for every phase of your Low-Code adventure. From initial discovery, UX/UI and development to management and support.

  • ✔ Quality guarantee

    In everything we do, we strive to deliver the highest quality. Not only in terms of the end result, but also during the entire process.

We 💚 happy customers

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    With ACA, OutSystems has a highly qualitative and reliable partner in its partner family. The years of expertise of the team members ensure that we can sleep soundly when ACA starts a new OutSystems project. The message conveyed by OutSystems is effectively fulfilled by ACA; that is what a good partnership should be.

    — Goele Coelst. Partner Alliance Manager BeLux @ OutSystems

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    ACA has been a reliable partner for many years. Their clear working method and their open communication are the main reasons for our good cooperation. The “museum pass” project was delivered on time and within the planned budget. We had a very successful product launch and see the result of their customer-centric approach and innovative mindset.

    — Bart Temmerman. Secretary-General Department of Culture, Youth & Media

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    Putting the end user at the center and meeting challenges while discovering new horizons. That's how I would describe our collaboration with the ACA team. They inspired us to think further ahead about who we are and what we really want to achieve now and in the future. A creative, close and transparent collaboration with a motivated and experienced team.

    — Mieke Deurinck. Project Leader EPC at Flemish Energy- and Climate Agency

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