Webinar Recap: Data Mesh in the Flemish Cultural Sector

Last month, Tom De Wolf, Data Mesh Expert at ACA Group, delivered an insightful online webinar for the international Data Mesh community.

Tom De Wolf's presentation detailed our data mesh journey within the Flemish Cultural Sector, and explained the immense added value of our Data Mesh approach, emphasizing the self-service capabilities for both data product developers and consumers. The session also touched upon the architecture, operating model, and governance of the platform.

Missed the live session? No worries! You can watch the full recording here:

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This initiative was a collaborative effort between ACA Group, the Department of Culture, Youth and Media, and publiq vzw. 

Our effort also earned the Flanders Digital Award 2023 for Best Digital Transformation Project. In collaboration with the Flemish Government and publiq, we delivered a groundbreaking project. Together, we created a data-driven platform for the cultural sector, harnessing the power of Data Mesh. This platform has significantly contributed to the digital transformation of the Flemish cultural sector, showcasing an innovative approach that encourages collaboration and efficiency.

Learn more about the project on our Customer Success Stories page

A big thank you to the Data Mesh Learning Community for organizing and providing this opportunity!

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