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The demand for new digital tools is growing louder by the day. Everyone wants to deploy these tools immediately. However, it's not that simple. There are a myriad of factors to consider: the continuity of critical applications, scalability and security of new tools, integration with existing legacy systems, and so on.

As specialists in software development, we understand these complexities. Our scalable, custom software solutions enable you to build a reliable and flexible IT foundation that optimizes your organization's functionality.

Deciphering Custom Software

Custom Software Podcast episode

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Ever wanted to know how to explain (custom) software development to a five-year-old without using the words computer, code, or programming? And what about navigating the twisty paths of software development, especially when you change your mind halfway about a 'feature'? And as the icing on the cake, how often do Jan Vermeulen and our podcast host Rowin Heymans actually think about the Roman Empire?

Deciphering Custom Software
Two men working together on a computer
Two men working together on a computer

What we do: Custom Software Development

ACA Group helps you with the

design, the development, the implementation, and the support of business solutions that are:

SCALABLE and FLEXIBLE, quickly adapting to market changes and emerging technologies.

PERFECTLY TAILORED to your business needs, contributing to achieving your business objectives.

RELIABLE and SECURE, ensuring all critical business processes continue optimally under any circumstances.

SUSTAINABLE , evolving with the technological innovations and your company's growth.

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How we work

Two crucial aspects in developing your custom business application:

    • The quality and effectiveness of the delivered solution: How well does the application meet your business needs in terms of performance and robustness?
    • Time-to-market:  A short time-to-market is critical to capitalize on new market opportunities.

    Our project methodology is perfectly aligned with these aspects:

    • Agile

      With over twenty years of experience in Agile practices, ACA Group is renowned as an Agile thought leader. An Agile process integrates the stages of analysis, development, testing, and delivery into a continuous cycle. We work in short iterations of a few weeks, allowing continuous feedback from you, our client, and adjustments as needed. This keeps us in line with your desires, ensuring the final product fully meets your business needs.

    • True collaboration

      Understanding your business processes and environment is key to building software solutions perfectly aligned with your needs. Using Domain Driven Design (DDD), event storming, and user story mapping workshops, we collaboratively map out your domains, processes, and requirements. During the development phase, you remain fully involved, working alongside the development team virtually. This ensures you are always informed about your project's status, allowing us to respond swiftly and with full transparency and trust.

    Our Offering

    We are an experienced software factory combining agile methodology with the right technologies to develop custom business solutions that deliver maximum value for our clients.

    • Design, Development, and Implementation of IT Solutions:
      • Custom Software Development: From supply chain management, financial management, and process automation to business analytics, customer platforms, ...
      • Agile Software Consultancy: We ensure the successful execution of your software projects, whether it's one developer or a complete development team.
      • Setting up IAM Solutions and Trust Architectures: Personal solutions for Identity & Access Management (IAM), ensuring secure and controlled access to your IT systems.
      • UX Design: Our UX designers equip your business applications with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for smooth user interaction.
    • Consulting
      • Architecture Advice and Assessments: We refine your IT architecture with expert analysis and strategic planning, focusing on improvements and optimal approaches for your applications and systems.
      • DDD (Domain Driven Design) and Event Storming Workshops: We collectively map your organization's ecosystem and processes, modeling them as events – an ideal preparation for successful software development.
      • Low-Code: Discover more about Low-Code here.
      • API Strategy and Platform Selection: We select the ideal API management platforms for your business and develop a strategy for the management and usage of APIs.
      • Agile Consultancy: We streamline your Agile transitions, leveraging two decades of expertise to optimize your practices and train your team in Agile principles.
    • Support
      • Application Portfolio Support: We manage and maintain all active applications in your organization, ensuring they remain up and running.
      • Application Portfolio Health Check: We assess whether all applications in your organization are performing as expected and identify potential improvements.
      • Architecture and Process Assessments: We analyze your IT architecture and processes for efficiency, reliability, and future readiness.
      • Audit of DevSecOps Tooling and Approach: We conduct an audit of DevSecOps tools and methodologies to enhance the security and operational aspects of software development.

    Got any questions concerning software development?

    Ask Jan!

    Jan Vermeulen, Business Unit Manager Software Development

    "Our mission is to translate innovative technologies into tangible benefits for our clients. We continuously invest in improving our consultants' expertise and quality. By combining this with a solid approach and our proven methodology, we succeed in creating the right solutions with our clients. Every project is a journey of discovery. We strive for high-performance, sustainable solutions, while maintaining a clear and transparent course."