22/04/2024 • ACA Group Team

Filip as a speaker at Atlassian Team '24: "Also with Confluence, we are at the beginning of a new wave of productivity gains."

Since 2010, our colleague Filip Callewaert has been active in the field of work management, implementing Confluence as a catalyst for collaboration in companies. On May 2nd, he will be a guest speaker at Team '24 in Las Vegas, Atlassian's annual international summit. It's quite an honor. Just before his departure, we managed to catch him for an interview. 

Hi Filip, how excited are you for your talk at Atlassian Team '24?

"Very excited. It's a great honor, and I genuinely enjoy doing it. I've given similar talks at various events before, including in the United States. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to speak at the Atlassian summit, but it's always something special. When you look at the program, you'll see many impressive names among the 170 speakers. Most of them are Atlassian employees presenting case studies or partners showcasing their products. I'm one of the few people on the agenda."

Can you explain what Atlassian Team '24 is exactly?

"Atlassian hosts an annual multi-day international summit for customers, partners, and stakeholders. It's not just a knowledge conference; they also turn it into a real celebration. It's also the highlight of the year for Atlassian itself. In addition to the packed program of inspirational sessions and keynotes, there's a large exhibition hall where all vendors introduce their Atlassian add-ons and products. Many Atlassian community leaders will also be present, getting the opportunity to attend fancy dinners and chat or talk photos with Atlassian's CEO. ACA colleague Kris Dewachter, who is a community leader, will also be participating in Team '24."

What will you be discussing during your talk on May 2nd?

"I'll be diving into how Confluence is rapidly evolving, especially thanks to new features like automation, Atlassian Intelligence, whiteboards, and databases. Through a specific case study, I want to demonstrate how these innovations can revolutionize optimization for documentation processes and other workflows within organizations. Since 2022, Confluence has evolved rapidly. The new capabilities can truly be a game-changer in terms of time savings and governance. I truly believe that we're at the dawn of an unprecedented wave of productivity gains for knowledge worker teams. That's the message I hope to convey during my presentation.

Additionally, I want to encourage the audience not to cling to old processes but to truly redesign them within the new possibilities of Confluence and the entire Atlassian ecosystem. Because by integrating Confluence with Jira Product Discovery, Loom, Jira Work Management, Atlas, Compass, etc., the whole becomes so much more than the sum of its parts. I also want to underscore the importance of staying well-informed about everything happening within the entire Atlassian ecosystem. By implementing new developments into your internal processes, you can continuously improve them."

Besides your role as a speaker, you'll also be able to enjoy Atlassian Team '24 as a participant. What are you hoping to gain personally from it?

Filip Callewaert and his colleagues Dennis Trevels and Thijs Van Baelen

"First and foremost, I want to attend as many sessions as possible on work management and organizational culture. I'm also curious about the new products and features that will be announced. The agenda is already quite packed. I've already been contacted by several vendors asking to meet during the event. I also want to speak with some partners about their participation in the ACA Team Up event on October 1st in Leuven. Dennis Trevels, another ACA colleague joining Team '24, will help coordinate this on-site. Additionally, the Atlassian summit is ideal for connecting with Atlassian employees. I've noticed that having a strong network with Atlassian insiders really pays off."

You just mentioned the ACA Team Up event. What can we expect there?

"Team Up is the largest Atlassian event in Belgium. We welcome our customers, prospects, and partners to showcase the latest developments in the Atlassian ecosystem. Alongside an Atlassian keynote, several cases will be presented, including the one I'll be bringing in Las Vegas. Additionally, many vendors will be present to highlight their products. The ACA Team Up event is perfect for quickly discovering the latest Atlassian developments. It's also a great opportunity for companies to exchange experiences on integrating Atlassian products."

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Atlassian team at ACA Group

"Although I'm the only ACA representative speaking at Team '24, I want to emphasize that what I present is the result of teamwork. With the entire Amplifly team within ACA, we're constantly developing and implementing the best solutions for our clients. We rely on each other for that. Atlassian also has always had that team focus. After all, they develop collaboration software, and their slogan isn't 'Impossible alone' for nothing. That focus on collaboration and teamwork applies to me and all my colleagues at ACA."

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