ACA and VKW Limburg introduce companies to AI and Low-Code

In November 2023, ACA Group was invited by VKW Limburg to inform companies about the opportunities of AI and Low-Code. For many of the business leaders and final decision makers present, it was an inspiring introduction to these innovative technologies. Below you can read a short report.

For the talk about Low-Code and AI, ACA Group sent two of its experts: Alexander Frimout, Lead AI Innovation and Gregory Van Dorpe, Low-Code Competence Center Lead.

Fast development with Low-Code

Gregory explained how using Low-Code allows you to build software in just a few days, making a positive impact on your company's operations and results. Everyone was surprised to learn that Low-Code development is up to four times faster than traditional methods.

The swift rise of AI

Alexander delved into the strong expansion of AI applications in the business realm, one year after the introduction of ChatGPT. "By leveraging Large Language Models and Low-Code, you can significantly cut down on software development costs, opening the door for customized software even for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)", noted Alexander.

Demos highlight powerful automation capabilities

The combination of Low-Code and AI creates opportunities for efficient automation of tasks that consume significant time and resources for organizations. Through compelling demonstrations, the ACA experts illustrated the critical role these technologies play for companies striving to maintain a competitive edge in the future. The business leaders present expressed unanimous agreement through a rapid Tech Tinder Poll, with 86% giving a "Super Like" to the combination of Low-Code and AI.

From ACA, we want to extend a “Super Like” to VKW Limburg for their initiative. We always enjoy sharing our expertise with dynamic companies. If you're curious about Low-Code and AI, don't hesitate to reach out to us for more information.