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Benefits of Kubernetes

Not only is Kubernetes 100% FREE, open-source and backed by the CNCF community, it also offers...

  • Top notch security

    Kubernetes enables you to improve and monitor your access control to your cluster of applications, and its master controller API ensures access to server nodes is a thing of the past.

  • Lower costs

    The scale-in approach of Kubernetes ensures a higher degree of occupancy of your infrastructure, leading to lowest costs for infrastructure, maintenance and management.

  • Easy management

    Use just one platform for multiple applications instead of dealing with individual application and server set-up and modification requests.

  • Truly 100% reliability

    Kubernetes is ready to go wherever and whenever thanks to its portability, dynamic scaling and self-healing features. True reliability!

Our Kubernetes services

  • Want to migrate your existing infrastructure to Kubernetes to enjoy all its benefits, but not sure how or where to start? Let us help you in your cluster design and implementation, whatever cloud platform you prefer!

  • We support your Kubernetes set-up with our team of skilled engineers with an SLA and support desk. We currently manage 20+ satisfied customers on a daily basis, so you know we keep your infrastructure in good shape.

  • An A-Z solution for your Atlassian environment based on AWS and the power of Kubernetes.

  • Employ our extensive knowledge and experience in IT and our passion for cloud solution to stay ahead of the curve. Simply add Machine Learning, Serverless, IoT, Service Meshes and Blue-Green Deployments to your cluster.

  • Not sure if there’s a business case for Kubernetes in your organization? Let’s find out together and provide you with a clear outcome for a packaged price.

  • If you need help with setting up or validating a Kubernetes cluster, continuous development and integration, or implementing security patches, we’re just a phone call away.

  • We are more than a team that can manage your cloud solution: we are the flexible expansion of your team that you can employ right when you need it.

  • Want to become a Kubernetes expert yourself? The expertise and knowledge of our cloud engineers is right at your fingertips.

Our customers running Kubernetes

Why choose us?

  • Strong focus on security

    We take pride in building secure environments to keep the baddies out and reduce any impact of human error. Think of it as keeping your business-critical software in a fool-proof safe! We achieve this security by taking a number of measures, such as employing powerful Cloud tools, active threat detection and applying the principle of least privilege.

  • Broad expertise

    Our cross-disciplinary team has the right expertise, whether it’s monitoring, DevOps, or Kubernetes. From our wide range of available solutions, we only offer the right one with the most added value to our customers’ challenges.

  • Innovative approach

    Our years of experience enable us to spot and quickly implement innovative technologies and approaches. It’s the reason why we quickly adopted an infrastructure-as-code approach and use predictive tools to prevent downtime and fix issues before they have even a chance to cause a disruption.

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