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In an age of mobile dominance, traditional desktop interactions have faded. Today, a seamless and intuitive mobile interface is essential, catering to your B2C customers in Belgium. Modern users expect a unified platform for information, services, and interactions—one that's always accessible and updated in real time. This isn't just a preference; it's a standard. Anything less affects satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Empowering Your Mobile Workforce

Enhanced Productivity and Wellbeing

Efficiency knows no limits—your mobile workforce demands swift access to data and transactions, regardless of their physical location. However, the potential of mobile technology stretches beyond productivity alone. Imagine fostering employee well-being through accessible tools that provide real-time insights, seamless communication, and opportunities for personal development. By integrating modular functionalities, we tailor apps to align with specific roles and requisites.

This approach not only streamlines tasks but also offers avenues for stress reduction, work-life balance, and overall job satisfaction. Harnessing mobile capabilities such as GPS, camera integration, authentication methods, offline functionality, augmented reality, and IoT device interaction, we create an environment where well-being and productivity coexist harmoniously.

Your Journey with ACA Group: Unleashing Mobile Business Value

At ACA Group, our commitment traverses the entire project lifecycle. We initiate our partnership by pinpointing tangible business value and potential ROI for businesses. Aligning user journeys and processes with strategic business objectives follows suit. It's only after these steps that we embark on the development of your mobile applications—harnessing the power of React Native and Flutter, in conjunction with requisite backends, integrations, and data platforms.

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Transforming Your Mobile Landscape: How We Do It

  • Mobile Roadmap

    Through a compact set of interviews and reviews we assess your as-is IT landscape. We provide a roadmap with feasible next steps and their business impact.

  • PoC in a week

    Witness the potency of our Proof-of-Concept, wherein we build a compact app tailored to one of your use cases and we test the impact on productivity, usability, and adoption, all while exploring plausible business scenarios utilizing tools like Flutterflow.

  • Mobile App Development

    We design and build high-quality apps using Flutter and React Native, including back-end integrations and data analytics. We put strong focus on scalability, performance and maintainability. We have experience building large and complex apps serving +500K users monthly.

  • Mobile App Rewrite

    We rewrite your end-of-life Apps (e.g. Xamarin) using the latest technology stacks while improving performance, security and maintainability. While at it we also add business value by adapting the app to the users’ changed needs and expectations and by evaluating new technical capabilities that can add extra value.

  • Mobile App Factory

    We provide a seasoned, efficient mobile development team dedicated to your organization. As we shift from project focus (short term) to product focus (long term) our team continuously increases efficiency through standardization, re-use, automation and building and knowledge of your business and IT landscape. In addition to your dedicated team, additional services such as e.g. UX/UI design remain available ‘on-demand’.

  • Mobile App Maintenance

    We continuously monitor your apps’ usage and performance. We maintain your mobile apps; keep them up-to-date, performant and secure, including small changes. Our Shared Support Team has the flexibility to take up work in an ad-hoc manner so you don’t need full-time dedicated staff.

  • Mobile Tech Consultancy

    We provide mobile tech expertise for short or long term staffing assignments, through remote or hybrid collaboration.

  • Mobile Sustainability

    As innovation takes center stage, so does the need for sustainable practices. Mobile Sustainability, a groundbreaking service dedicated to creating ethical and environmentally-conscious mobile software solutions. Craft applications that not only empower your business but also align with eco-friendly practices, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. From energy-efficient coding to minimizing digital waste, ACA Group ensures your mobile technology journey is not only profitable but also leaves a positive impact.

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Mobile technology holds the power to elevate both the productivity and well-being of your 'mobile' workforce'.

Jurgen Geys, Business Unit Manager at ACA Group
Jurgen Geys - Business Unit Manager

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We help our clients grow by improving the satisfaction, wellbeing and productivity of their customers and employees. We do this by combining our technical expertise with a clear focus on business value to build high-quality, sustainable mobile solutions and lifelong relationships.

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