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Let’s make your IT teams stronger, together.

We make the difference for you

This is why we make your IT teams stronger, bolder, and smarter:

  • We are specialized in IT with deep knowledge across a broad spectrum of modern IT technologies, methodologies, and skills.
  • We take care of an exact match for all parties at all times. Our goal is to create the best possible customer relationship and establish a long-term partnership instead of just a one-time solution.
  • We are proud of our personal approach with excellent follow-up, coaching and preparation to provide the best possible experience for all parties involved.
  • Our team members have nearly endless possibilities when it comes to education, training, workshops, events and more to hone their skills even further and keep delivering high quality work.

Our services

And this is how we make your teams the best version of themselves.

  • Outsourcing & consultancy

    We create the perfect match between your team and our IT professionals, or the other way around: a perfect match between you as an IT professional and a team that needs your skills.

    Whether your team joins our offices, our team joins yours, or a different combination altogether, we always go above and beyond to meet your needs.

  • In-depth screenings & personalized advice

    Our team of HR professionals screens both soft and hard skills through various tools such as Insights Discovery. Based on the results of the screening and keeping ideal team compositions in mind, we offer personalized advice for teams as well as individuals.

  • Custom HR consultancy

    For all your questions about staffing, trainings, coaching, evaluations, and more, we offer HR consultancy customized exactly to your needs. Together, we can make your HR that much stronger.

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