Cloud-Native as a Service

A strong, open and stable foundation for all your applications

Step into the future of IT

Cloud-native offer a robust, open and stable foundation for all your applications. At ACA, we help your organization with this innovative approach to infrastructure, architecture and solution design. It is a way of working that enables you to make the most of the following benefits:

✔ Faster innovation by breaking out of classic development cycles

✔ Unlimited scalability by building

Without the risk of vendor lock-in

Our aim is to deliver high-quality software to customers by focusing strongly on building extensive expertise in cloud native architecture and development services.

What is Cloud-Native? ☁️

Cloud-native is the next step in the evolution of virtualization and cloud towards container technology. A cloud-native application is purposively built for the cloud model. These applications are delivered over a platform that provides easy and straightforward scale-out and hardware disconnection.

As an organisation, this gives you ultimate flexibility, resilience and portability in different types of cloud environments. This allows you to use your resources to their full potential and you are prepared to act in response to future challenges.

Why Cloud-Native?

Everywhere around the globe, organisations are jumping on the cloud-native bandwagon. Which stands to reason, as the benefits for IT and for the business are irrefutable:

  • No vendor lock-in

    Mix your technology stacks based on your needs and run applications in a dynamic environment.

  • Unlimited scalability

    Split up applications into micro services and effortlessly run hundreds up to thousands of containers: the containers service and restore themselves.

  • Efficient use of resources

    Commit your resources as best as possible and optimise your costs.

The cloud-native landscape

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which came out of the Linux Foundation, is the driving force behind the ecosystem around cloud-native. To help businesses find their way around, this non-profit organisation has independently mapped out the entire landscape.

  • Kubernetes and other components:

    Out of all open source components Kubernetes is without doubt the best known. Kubernetes allows you to use huge amounts of containers. One major advantage of Kubernetes when it comes to the development of applications is the fact that every big cloud-party uses it the same way.

    Other than Kubernetes, ACA would also like to underscore the following components ➡️

  • Components we have experience with:
    • Application Definition: Helm,
    • Continuous Integration: Flux, Tekton
    • Service Mesh: Istio
    • Cloud Native Storage: Longhorn
    • Container Runtime: ContainerD
    • Container Registry: Harbor
    • Observability, Logging, Tracing: Prometheus, FluentD, Jaeger

Why ACA Group?

In order to enable our local businesses to reap the full benefit of cloud-native, we are happy to lend a hand in rolling out this approach. We determine at which stage of the pathway an organisation finds itself. Based on this finding, we provide the appropriate guidance.

This is how ACA as a cloud-native partner is able to deliver added value for your business ⬇️

  • What we can do for your business:
    • Cloud-native apps: we develop all apps setting out from the cloud-native concept. This is how we ensure flexibility and extend the apps’ service life.
    • Cloud-native coaching: our experts guide you through the complexities of the cloud-native landscape and help you pick the right components.
    • Cloud-native strategy: as we have all the appropriate know-how and skills in-house, we are happy to assist you map out the most favourable strategy.

    We take technologies such as containers, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure and Serverless computing as a basis.

  • How we typically do this:
    • Validation: Do you want a status update on where you are today or what the possibilities are?
    • Start: ready to start, but still need coaching, consulting or workshops to gain confidence?
    • Optimization: further optimization with solutions such as thorough DevOps, GitOps and Self-Service support for SAAS or Platform building.

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