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Cloud hosting

Taking your applications to the cloud is taking them to the next level.

  • Goodbye network upgrades

    No more disruptive network upgrades or cycling through new hardware every so often.

  • Lower costs

    Hardware, maintenance and unpredictable costs are offloaded to the cloud provider, so you keep both your money and your sanity.

  • Lost files are a thing of the past

    A cloud solution offers high protection against data loss due to power outages, natural disasters or even theft and ransomware.

  • Everything in one place

    Thanks to the cloud, you and your team can access all your files from any device, anywhere with 100% uptime and 0% worries.

We offer an unparalleled cloud experience for you and your team. After all, we don’t just carefully place your apps in a cloud, but develop a sound cloud strategy together with you to ensure you get the maximum business value out of your investment. Ready to take your applications to the next level?

Optimizing your cloud solution

Just dumping your applications in the cloud requires little skill. While you’ll technically be ‘in the cloud’, you probably won’t be quite on cloud 9 yet. Here’s how we maximize the potential of your cloud solution.

  1. We always conduct an assessment of your current setup and suggest potential improvements, with detailed benefits, costs and savings.

  2. With a properly scaling setup, we make sure you never pay for any capacity you’re not using. After all, why pay for fixed capacity when it’s cheaper and more convenient to dynamically scale your solution up and down depending on your needs?

  3. We build in auto-healing properties, ensuring any crashes and subsequent unavailabilities are a thing of the past. The best thing about it? You won’t ever even notice it.

Why choose us?

  • Trusted AWS Partner

    As an official AWS Partner, we understand the need for a secure and compliant cloud infrastructure. According to Gartner research and, much more importantly, our own experiences, Amazon Web Services is a very reliable provider. With our expertise and qualified AWS engineers, we’re the perfect partner for your cloud solutions.

  • Trusted Azure Partner

    As an official Microsoft Partner, we understand the need for a secure, and compliant cloud infrastructure. With ChatGPT and strong data services this innovative cloud platform can be yours . With our expertise and qualified Azure Cloud engineers, we’re the perfect partner for your cloud challenges.

  • Strong focus on security

    We take pride in building secure environments to keep the baddies out and reduce any impact of human error. Think of it as keeping your business-critical software in a fool-proof safe! We achieve this security by taking a number of measures, such as employing powerful Cloud tools, active threat detection and applying the principle of least privilege.

  • Straightforward value for you

    Our cross-disciplinary team has the right expertise, whether it’s monitoring, DevOps, or Kubernetes. From our wide range of available solutions, we only offer the right one with the most added value to our customers’ challenges.

Some of our happy customers

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