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In today’s world, Digital Transformation is not just a buzzword

Digital transformation kicking down doors

The word digital transformation has almost become yet another meaningless buzzword in the past 10 years. Society sometimes uses terms so frequently that they can lose their original meaning and focus.

The recent pandemic, however, has opened many eyes to the true meaning and potential of digital transformation. Whether we wanted to see it or not, 2020 was the year the need for digital transformation smashed down our business doors.

Shape a better future

Our end-to-end services are focused on helping companies grow and understand their potential and vision against the realities of the digital world. 

Together we can revitalize your challenges and gain both perspective and skills when it comes to managing:

  • the fast-changing landscape of internal & external expectations
  • IT maturity within the company
  • sustainability and environmental changes 
  • post-COVID requirements of a digital world

A strong digital culture with the right tools, a clear strategy and a motivating mindset enables growth, leadership and risk management.

Ronny Ruyters, CEO at ACA Group
Ronny Ruyters - CEO

Why do 73% of digital projects fail?

A whopping 73% of enterprises fail to provide any kind of business value whatsoever from their digital projects and digital transformation efforts. Why is that, and how can you make sure you’re part of the other 27%?

  • Unclear vision

    Establishing your digital vision is essential towards your strategy. Ensure you are addressing real business problems.

  • Tech & Business alignment

    Your corporate goals should be in harmony with your team, communication, company infrastructure, architecture and platforms.

  • Wrong use of data

    The right data at the right time is a key strategic asset to create business value and to achieve your company’s objectives. 

  • Security roadblocks

    Security has never been a more trending topic. Companies need adequate barriers to ensure they are guarded against the newest security threats.

  • Internal agility

    Business & team agility makes companies survive and thrive by proactively adjusting to market and context changes.

  • Cloud adoption

    Cloud adoption is crucial to enable digitalization and avoid cloud sprawl, which leads to chaos, security breaches and high costs.

  • Tech stack

    A depreciated tech stack makes transformation unfeasible time- and budget-wise.

Why choose us?

  • We live and breathe customer-centricity

    We want to aim Above Customer ExpectAtions, inspiring and accelerating sustainable growth worldwide by putting the end-user at the heart of everything we do.

  • Passion for quality

    Passion is what truly sets our team apart. This passion translates to our love for innovation, achieving the highest possible quality and making a difference for our customers, our stakeholders and certainly not least for each other, as a team.

  • Adaptive to change

    Our Agile methodology enables our team to handle changes over time. We work according to insights as they develop to deliver a product to our customers that is truly an answer to their needs.

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Dorien Jorissen
Dorien Jorissen
Sustainability Expert